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 Martial Arts Tournament I

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PostSubject: Martial Arts Tournament I   Martial Arts Tournament I EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 4:17 pm

Martial Arts Tournament I

Location: Planet Earth

When: Saturday June 25th @ noon /central time

Anyone wishing to enter must do a introduction roleplay of at least 100 words to join the tournament as well as email King Vegeta at to inform me that you are entering.

Post your introduction roleplay here as a reply to this topic and actually state you wish to enroll in the tournament.

If you are not on Earth then you must include traveling to Earth in your introduction roleplay (even though you will not actually travel there, your location will remain the same).

NPCs will fill the void of members and the 8 slots. Each slot involving a member will be posted in the Battles Section of the Forum. Also I will post who is scheduled in each battle here on this topic once the field is finalized.

Stat increases are the same as a normal battle.

BEWARE, YOU CAN DIE. After all this is a series of battles with no rules of the actual battles.


There will be 3 rounds: the quarter finals, semi finals, and finals. The prizes will only be awarded to the winners of the battle only. If you lose, you get nothing.
The prizes are as follows:
Everyone receives double rewards for battle victory, loss, or death.
Quarter Finals: $2,500 and 1 Token
Semi Finals: $3,500 and 2 Tokens
Finals: $7,000 and 3 Tokens

1 ) King Vegeta
2 ) Majin Buu
3 ) Garlic Jr.
4 ) Spopovich (NPC)
5 ) Mr. Satan (NPC)
6 ) Goku (NPC)
7 ) Piccolo (NPC)
8 ) Krillin (NPC)

Quarter Finals

Battle 1: King Vegeta vs. Goku

Battle 2: Majin Buu vs. Krillin

Battle 3: Garlic Jr vs. Piccolo

Battle 4: Mr. Satan vs. Spopovich

Semi Finals

Battle 1: King Vegeta vs. Majin Buu

Battle 2: Garlic Jr vs. Mr Satan


The Championship: Garlic Jr vs. King Vegeta

Winner: Garlic Jr.

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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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PostSubject: King Vegeta enters the Martial Arts Tournament I   Martial Arts Tournament I EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 10:39 pm

King Vegeta was relaxing in his palace when a slave brought him a personnel letter from Earth.

Slave: Your news book, my Lord.

King Vegeta: Your late slave, give it here.

Slave: My most humble apology my lord, the news delivery was late and.......

King Vegeta used a minor Ki blast that pierced the slaves chest killing him instantly.

King Vegeta: I told you that your last chance was yesterday.

King Vegeta then turned his attention to the news book in his left hand. The first article read this:

A Martial Arts Tournament will be held on Earth, Saturday June 25 @ 1200 hrs.

We the tournament officials of The World Martial Arts Tournament have sent you, King Vegeta a open invitation to enter the tournament. There will be 8 contestants total. We hope you reply to this letter and enter our tournament, we really love seeing a saiyan do battle with the other best fighters from the universe.

King Vegeta: Hmm.... This could be fun, If the Earth has anything more than the usual waste of time human fighter. Yes, I will go and show them what a true warrior is!

King Vegeta informed his next in command and then went straight to his personnel space ship and left for Earth.
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Majin Buu

Majin Buu

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PostSubject: Majin Buu enters the World Martial Art Tournament   Martial Arts Tournament I EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 10:53 pm

Majin Buu was outside Master Roshi's house meditating and reviewing everything Master Roshi had taught him thus far into his training. Master Roshi opened his front door and screamed outside to Majin Buu.

Master Roshi: Hey Buu! There is a show on television I think you need to see.

Majin Buu: I told you I don't watch that stuff with other guys, old man...

Master Roshi: What do you mean!? I am talking about a Tournament. It's on the news right now.

Majin Buu: Oh.

Majin Buu stood up and went inside Master Roshi's house and took a seat on the couch in front of the television.

Reporter: So once again, there will be a Worlds Martial Arts Tournament on June 25th @ noon central time. Anyone who wishes to enter must call this number for further information. 345-7842. There will be cash prizes and more! We will air the event live right here on ZZTV.

Master Roshi turned to Majin Buu to get his thoughts on the tournament. To his surprise, Majin Buu was already on the phone giving his personnel information to enter the Worlds Martial Art Tournament. Roshi smiled and thought to himself "He really is one of the fastest people I have ever taught."
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PostSubject: Re: Martial Arts Tournament I   Martial Arts Tournament I EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 2:47 pm

High in the clouds upon the top of the tallest mountain on earth, Gralic Jr meditated. He knew he would need money for his one personal quest, but he had no idea how to obtain it….and then it hit him. He powered up and flew off. The immense power he radiated sent the very mountian crumbling to rocks behind him. Before long he found himself at South City. He gazed down and smiled. “There it is,” he spoke “The world martial arts tournament.” Below him stood a huge arena. It was crowded and several people were signing up.
He dropped to the ground and read the rules. “So killing is aloud this year.” Without much thought he signed the paperwork and decide to return to Master Roshi’s island to finish his training with the old man.
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PostSubject: Re: Martial Arts Tournament I   Martial Arts Tournament I Empty

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Martial Arts Tournament I
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