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 Joining the Star Wolves - easy quest

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Joining the Star Wolves - easy quest Empty
PostSubject: Joining the Star Wolves - easy quest   Joining the Star Wolves - easy quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 5:47 pm

Joining the Star Wolves

Difficulty: Easy Quest

Lismians are renowned criminals and pirates across the galaxy. You have come to Cactaylisma seeking adventure and look to join the pirate fleet also known as the Star Wolves. They give you a simple test. You must raid the ship of one of the fleet's weakest captains, Rous Wormkiller, and take his most prized treasure: a Tear of Junis. Return with it and you will be among the ranks of the best pirates in the galaxy.

Reward:+$400, +10 EX, +2 DP, +125 all stats, +2 Rp Credits, Band of the Wolf - This item recognizes you as an official Star Wolf. It increases speed by +250.

Requirements: space ship
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Joining the Star Wolves - easy quest
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