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 Red Ribbon Army- Garlic Jr.

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Subject: Red Ribbon Army - easy quest Yesterday at 19:13
Red Ribbon Army

Easy Quest

A small group of former Red Ribbon Army soldiers have shown up and are terrorizing the countryside nearby. Stop them from causing any more destruction and the native people will pay you $100 in addition if you rid them of the soldiers in the countryside without destroying their homes.

Reward: +65 all stats, +10 EX, +2 RP, +4 DP, +$400, (bonus + $100)

The sky was red with hatred and a dark star sat among the clouds almost tempting those who dared to question its existence. The ground shook fiercely and the winds began to pull everything towards the star. Garlic however was able to withstand the tremendous power of the star, but he knew it was only a matter of time before he would once again be overtaken by his own attack. His muscles ached, his legs cramped, but he stood strong. He closed his eye for only long enough to regain his thoughts but when he opened them there was only darkness.

Garlic Jr soon awoke from his nightmare to find himself inside a bedroom. The walls look like mud or some sort of stone. The room itself was filled with clay pots and dishes. He jumped to his feet and saw some weapons in the corner. Garlic approached the weapons and examined it, to his surprise they were cheaply made despite the elegant designs engraved in the blade.

"Oh, you’re awake?" A young girl questioned. "My name is Eno." She was dressed in a patched up and torn dress and used a rag to hold or hair into place. In her hands was a small bucket of water. "You took quite a bump to the head; you must've been training on that cliff."

"You took care of me this whole time?" Garlic asked but the sounds of a nearby motor left his question unanswered as new questions arose. "What is that?"

"Soon after we took you in, soldiers attacked our town. They say their members of Red Ribbon." Eno spoke and began to cry. "My father, he was killed by them..."

Garlic didn't really care for her story and decided to find out from the source what was going on. He walked out of the hut and approached the nearest soldier.

"What is going on here?!" Garlic demanded.

"Our business is our own, now get lost." The soldier reply.

Garlic began smiling, he couldn't believe his ears. He then raised his hand toward the guard saying "I'm already lost." before a beam of energy shot from his hand engulfing the soldier in a reddish light. The small display of power attracted the attention of the other soldiers in the area and they quickly rushed over to find the small garlic jr covered in the blood of their comrade who suffered the ultimate fate during the last attack.

"What happened to Maverick!!!?" a soldier demanded in anger before raising his gun and shooting at the demon. Dust soon filled the area from the stray bullets hitting the ground. The soldiers soon began celebrating the successful revenge of their comrade but the celebration was short lived as another soldier screamed in agony. Inside the dust storm was like the scene of a massacre as blood and organs laid about the ground and the constant screams of men seemed to repeat and echo.

The dust settled and the soldiers laid dead and dismembered upon the blood soaked ground. Garlic Jr grew a smile as Eno ran to him. "Thanks for freeing our village!" she yelled in joy as she ran up to him to reward him with a hug. During the embrace a beam of light shot through her chest and out her back, as she fell garlic looked at the other villagers who were beginning to look terrified. "Opps." Garlic spoke and began laughing as he walked off into the distance

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Red Ribbon Army- Garlic Jr.
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