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 Water, Please, Quest- Garlic Jr.

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Water, Please, Quest- Garlic Jr. Empty
PostSubject: Water, Please, Quest- Garlic Jr.   Water, Please, Quest- Garlic Jr. EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 3:05 pm

Water, Please, I Need Water

Location: Earth

Difficulty: Easy(5 posts)

Reward: +$400, +10EX, +2 DP, +120 all stats, +2 Rp Credits

Bonus: +1 Alignment

Requirement: Must be training with Master Roshi.

Description: An old crone that was once a good friend of master Roshi lives alone in the desert and bought her shipments from a nearby town. Recently a gang war broke out and the town was destroyed. Master Roshi has asked you to send her food and water

After finding a river and washing the blood from his cloak from his past mishap, He remembered master Roshi telling him of a woman who was hiding out in some nearby caves after her village was destroyed. He pulled a flask from his satchel and scooped some water from the river in it. He then levitated upwards and proceeded to fly towards the mountain. There were cracks and caves all in the mountain and would be impossible to find any signs of life. The mountain however was chilly and he knew that during the night to survive in this environment one must have some type of fire to stay warm.
He quickly landed and walked around until he discovered a feeding ground for some deer. He quickly shot a hand blast at one killing it with one hit. As the other deer ran away Garlic Jr approached his kill. He then dragged the body to a nearby tree and used a fallen branch to skewer the deer whole. He then used a ki attack and set the tree ablaze. Hours passed and the now full Garlic Jr noticed darkness creeping in. He took to the air once again and began scanning the mountain. This time he was in luck, He noticed a small light from a cavern at the foot. He quickly flew over and entered.
Inside an old woman huddled beside the fire and wrapped in several blankets in an attempt to stay warm. Age was not this woman’s friend as she appeared to have lived a few centuries. “Are you here to kill me?” she asked softly.
“Roshi sent me to deliver some supplies to you.” Garlic responded and then reached for his satchel to show the woman the flask. She quickly reached for it and took a sip.
“This is it? Water?! I’m surrounded by snow; I got all the water I would ever need!” She yelled.
“There’s no reason to be this way, I didn’t have to come at all.” Garlic responded calmly hoping the woman may realize the way she’s acting towards him after his act of kindness.
“You should have brought some whiskey! I hate water!” She yells after taking another sip from the flask.
Garlic Jr began to lose his patience. The woman didn’t even consider the fact he put time into this that he could have spent back on the island training and becoming stronger. “Lady!” He began. “Unless you want to end up in the next life sooner, you’re going to settle down and thank me so I can be on my way.”
The old woman stood up. “You thank you can take me?!” at that moment garlic Jr raised his hand and fired a beam that pierced the chest of the woman. She soon took a knee and began holding her chest.
“Let this be a lesson learned to late.” Garlic Jr spoke to the woman who was now gasping for air. “Well since this water is not good enough, let’s put it to good use.” The demon walked over and grabbed the flask and proceeded to open it and pour the water upon the fire. As the fire died the woman fell to the ground still gasping for air.
“Cold dark and alone is how you will die.” Garlic Jr spoke and flew away leaving the woman to suffer her fate.

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Water, Please, Quest- Garlic Jr.
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