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 Vengence- Garlic Jr

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Easy Quest

Someone is dressed like you and running around Earth soiling your good (or bad) name. Restore your name to its former self.

Reward: +$400, +10 EX, +2 DP, +125 all stats, +2 Rp Credits

Garlic Jr walked out of the hotel full of life and ready to cause another day of chaos. As he walked down the street he heard a person shouting “There he is, Get him!!!” Not too long afterwards Garlic found himself running for his life from the angry mob. He quickly ran around a corner of a building and leaped into an alley. Trash and debris seemed to cover him as the mob ran by unaware.
“What the hell is going on!?” Garlic Jr demanded as he stood up and began brushing the trash off of him. He kneeled down to clean off his shoes, but something soon struck his eye. Below his foot he says a picture of himself printed on the newspaper. He picked it up and began to read the article. “Garlic Jr. The new mayor of south city. On his first day in office has raised taxes over 200%. People is this the man you want in charge? Revolt now.”
“Well, I guess I should pay myself a visit.” Garlic Jr said and flew high into the air.
The mayor’s office was huge and easy to spot from anywhere in town. Garlic quickly flew over to it and hovered to see into the windows. In the largest set of windows he spotted a small man in a cloak sitting at a desk with large stacks of cash all around him. As the man leaned back in his chair and began puffing on his cigar, Garlic crashed through the window and landed gracefully on the floor as glass and debris fell softly around him. The man then fell out of his chair but quickly jumped to his feet. “Who are you?” The man demanded.
Garlic looked around and then back to the man. “I think you know who I am.Appparently I’m the mayor.”
The small man reached under his desk and grabbed a pistol and quickly shot a round at the small blue man. Garlic’s quick instincts and new found power gave him the speed and power to catch the bullet as it flew towards his chest. He soon threw the bullet aside and walked towards the man.
“Well the polls are in.” Garlic began. “The people want a real leader in charge.” Garlic then walked over to the guy and impaled him with his fist. As he retracted his left arm from the abdomen of the man, the man fell lifelessly to the floor. Garlic then sat in the chair and began looking around the desk. He greedily began stuffing as much of the cash in his satchel as he could before a tall man came into the office. He was dressed in a very expensive suit and seemed to be an assistant or perhaps a butler.
“Sir, what would you like to do now?” The man spoke unaware of the broken window or the dead body of the mayor behind the desk.
Garlic looked up at the man and smiled. “I think I’ll make a wish.”
The man looked at garlic confused of what he meant. Garlic soon got up from the chair and walked over to the window. He quickly turned and looked at the man one last time and then flew out the window into the distance.
The man still stood speechless by what he just witnessed but soon discovered a pool of blood behind the desk. As he approached he saw the body of the tyrannical mayor lying in the floor.

The next day Garlic flew by the town and grabbed a paper again.
Mayor Garlic Jr. Assonated!!! Treasury wiped clean!!

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Vengence- Garlic Jr
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