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 Demons will be demons....?

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PostSubject: Demons will be demons....?   Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:26 pm

Dreams of Terrorwtf!?

By Richard Few Who, teh hell is this guy!?!?!?!

Part V ?!?!?!?!?!?!


Garlic jr. began to run out of town and headed south west to avoid the lake. He knew that tonight would be another full moon, and his favorite place to watch from was the mountain in the south. He stopped for a moment to gaze at the horizon. He could plainly see the mountain in the distance, but at the summit of the mountain, he could see a small tower. He then remembered the pumpkin and Ray telling him about the doorway that was once upon a tower on a mountain. Garlic Jr. was surprised by the fact that after climbing the mountain many times to gaze upon the full moon as it rose; he never noticed the tower before. He soon realized he was running out of time as the sun began to set in front of him, and quickly began to run onward.
Inside the basement of the dungeon where the prisoners were being held, Jack patiently looked out his barred window. The deep claw markings on the wall beside him seemed as evidence of his previous escape attempts on a full moon. Although obviously unsuccessful in the past, the puppy eagerly awaited the moment to attempt it again.
Across the musty hallway in the cell opposite of Jack’s sat a confused Ace and Mad Dog. They stood at the bars and watched Jack act as though he was happy. This confused Ace and Mad Dog because they were unaware at the fact that Jack transformed in to a huge red werewolf like creature upon seeing a full moon. Their attention from Jack was soon diverted as they heard footsteps from the stair well at the end of the dark damp hall. They looked in anticipation of the guards serving them an extra dinner, but were disappointed to see that the guard only held a piece of paper.
The guard wore a silver armor with a design of a dragon imprinted on it. The ogre has clearly seen his share of battles by evidence of the scars that could be seen on his face. He began to walk down the hallway until he stood between Jack’s and Mad Dog’s cell. He then gave a quick glance at the two dogs before turning to face Jack.
“Jack?” He spoke as if questioning if he was talking to the right person.
“Yeah that’s me.” Jack responded as his attention left the window and focused on the guard.
The guard then held up the piece of paper and began to read aloud “Jack, your judgment has been decided by the counsel. Tonight, you are to be executed by method of beheading.” The guard proceeded to lower the paper and brought his attention back to Jack. “I will be handling your last request. If you have any I need to know now.” The guard said softly.
Jack became speechless. Not only for the fact he was to be executed, but this also gave him the perfect opportunity to escape. “Moonrise is still a while away.” He thought to himself in dismay.
“Do I have options to choose as the request?” He asked the guard.
The ogre shook his head and spoke “No, you may choose anything within reason, but it can be denied. One shot deal.”
The guard then unlocked the cell doors and proceeded to shackle the pup. After his arms were secured, he then led the Jack out of the cell. The two soon appeared to disappear within the shadows cast by the stairway.
Mad Dog and Ace glanced at each other in awe.
“He seemed too calm for someone about to be killed.” Mad Dog pondered aloud.
“I wonder what he’s gonna request?” Ace quickly responded.
“It doesn’t matter.” Mad Dog began. “He’s got some sort of plain to break out.”
Garlic Jr was now running through what seemed to be a small gathering of dead trees at the foot of the mountain. To his surprise he saw what he first thought Odin would appear as, before him stood a massive dead oak tree. Garlic Jr stopped and quickly began to examine it. To Garlic it looked as if it had eyes and a mouth. His imagination soon went wild as he began wandering what trees eat. As he got closer, the tree appeared to look at him.
“Leave this area!” the tree demanded.
Garlic Jr as usual completely ignored this warning and soon imagined all the trees playing tag or some other childish game.
The mouth of the tree seemed to make a similar one to that of jackolanterns. “Leave!!!” it yelled at Garlic Jr while shaking it’s branches frantically.
“Tree?” Garlic began. “Are you mad because birds live on you?”
“I’m not mad!!” The tree yelled
“I’d be mad if birds lived on me.” Garlic continued. “Especially if a lot of birds lived on me.”
“Are you not scared?!” The tree yelled demanding an explanation for the cat’s calmness.
“Of birds? No, that’s a stupid question.” Garlic jr responded completely oblivious to what the tree actually meant.
The eyes and mouth soon disappeared from the tree that seemed to appear normal now.
As Garlic got closer to the tree waving his tail about the air as he grew more curious he suddenly heard a noise behind him and turned to look. He then saw a Brown ghost like creature, similar to the ones human dressed up as on Halloween, except those were white.
“What are you doing?” the brown ghost questioned
“Talking to this tree.” Garlic jr responded cheerfully. “Who are you?”
“I am a restless spirit devoted to scaring everything away from the tower.” He began. “Because of my color, the other spirits out casted me to this area to scare everyone, but it’s becoming painfully obvious that I and not scary.”
The demon looked at the tree he was speaking to and then back at the ghost. “Well,” Garlic began. “You scared the tree to death.”
Laughter soon came from the ghost as he took Garlic’s comment as a clever joke to try and cheer him up. “Thank you for your kindness, but may I ask, why do you approach the tower.”
Garlic jr thought for a moment as if he forgot the whole reason why he began his journey but quickly remembered. “I want to watch the moon.”
“The moon?” The ghost questioned.
“When you ‘re on that mountain, the moon appears so big.” Garlic jr responded
“Feel free then, but do not go to the tower, and please keep everyone else away from it as well.” The ghost spoke.
Garlic soon noticed darkness was quickly overtaking the sky above. He then proceeded to continue running through the forest of dead trees. He shortly found himself at the foot of the mountain.
The ogre opened a door and the night sky was clearly seen. To Jack’s surprise, they preformed executions on the roof. He quickly began to look around the sky, but the moon was nowhere to be found, for it has not risen yet. He looked in front of him to see anther guard wearing a black hood that shadowed his face, sharpening a huge axe. The ogre that led him soon turned to him.“Have you decided on your request?” he asked the pup.
Jack began to think, for if he didn’t have a request he would surely be killed now. “I would like to have a dinner.” Jack spoke hoping that his simple request would be granted, allowing enough time for the moon to appear above the horizon.
The guard pointed to a table where a meal sat. “As it being a common last request, we have already prepared a meal just in case.” He said.
The puppy soon looked down in sadness, for his plain had failed him. He walked over to the table and noticed a nice big slab of meat and gravy upon a metal plate. He sat down and couldn’t resist to begin eating, as it smelt and tasted better then the slop he had been served during his stay at the dungeon.
The guards began to look in disgust as the puppy ate the meat as a lion would eat a gazelle. As gravy dripped from the mouth of the puppy, the guards began to ready the stool where his head would soon be placed. Jack however seemed oblivious to the world as he ripped apart the meat, barely chewing before swallowing. He soon noticed that his hunger, as well, has ruined his original plain of eating slowly as he looked down to see nothing left on the plate before him.
Garlic Jr was now on the summit of the mountain. As he approached the cliff where he could gaze upon the town and the moon rise in the distance he looked beside him to see the tower. It was very tall, but unlike the towers he saw on earth, the stairway was on the outside. He quickly scanned the horizon to see if the moon has peeked yet and then walked closer to the tower. He soon saw an opening and proceeded inside despite the warnings of the brown ghost he met earlier. As he began to look about the dark room, he couldn’t help but notice the demonic writing all over the floors, walls, and ceilings.
Upon further inspection he noticed four statues in the corners of the room. He walked to one and looked in amazement for he had found a statue of the pumpkin god that now hung around his neck. He glanced at his left to see anther statue across the room. He had never seen this being before, that statue appeared as a man dressed in a weird attire of armor and animal skins wielding a giant spear. Garlic soon noticed Odin engraved in the floor below it. Garlic jr remembered the times he spent playing with the eye and became sadden, but was soon overcome with curiosity once again as he noticed anther statue across the room. Upon approach the statue appeared very frightening. Garlic looked down and saw Cain carved into the floor. He looked up to see a being that looked very similar to a man, but the face looked as that of the pumpkin. He soon noticed horns sticking from the head of the statue with big ears that resembled his own. He then proceeded to run to the final statue in the room. He looked at the ground to see Solsthiem engraved in the floor. He looked up to see a statue that appeared to look very similar to Tyson.
The ogre that guided the puppy to the roof soon approached him. “It’s time.” He spoke softly.
The puppy looked to the horizon hoping to see a giant ball of light, but soon became overcome with sorrow for he knew he had no other option then death anymore. He slowly stood up and approached the guard.
The guard kneeled down to remove the shackles from the pup for the last time. As the shackles hit the ground causing a loud noise that seemed to trumpet the end for Jack. He slowly began to walk towards the stool as if he has accepted his own fate.
He kneeled down and placed his head upon the stool. The hooded guard soon approached him and lowered the axe as if to let Jack inspect the sharpness of it. Jack could plainly see small chips that seemed to be missing from the sharpened edge, assumingly caused by the bones of the axe’s previous victims. The puppy began to shake as the axe in front of him was lifted and rested on the shoulder of the hooded guard as a baseball player would with a bat before stepping up to the plate to hit a home run. The ogre that guided him soon approached.
“We all disagree with the decision made Jack.” The ogre began. “Of all the inmates we have know, you have been the most respectful. I’m not entirely sure why you were sent here, but I at least wish you were able to walk out the front doors instead of being carried out in a box.”
“That can happen if you wait a few more minutes!” Jack responded fearfully.
The hooded guard turned to the ogre as if to question his superior, but ogre slowly shook his head. “If we did and someone found out, we’d be killed tomorrow night.” He paused and continued. “I respect you as you did us Jack, but I do not wish to join you in another place.” The ogre looked down in respect and then glanced at the hooded guard and nodded.
As the hooded guard readied his grip on the axe, the ogre turned away for he did not want to witness the death of whom he had begun to call a friend. The hooded guard then raised the axe high into the air. At that moment, Jack saw a ray of hope peak above the horizon.
Garlic began trying to understand the writings that were engraved upon the pillar that kept the rest of the tower from falling in on itself; however he had never seen such writings in his life. As Garlic jr was about to start trying to make up words for each of the symbols, he noticed light slowly began to fill the room. Garlic quickly turned and ran out of the tower. He began to slowly walk to the edge of the nearby bluff, as he had done so many other times before, and gazed in amazement as the moon began to rise, casting an eerie glow on the town. Garlic was always fascinated with the moon, especially after it being one of the last things he saw before dying on earth. In the town beside the moon that Garlic gazed upon, anther individual was eagerly awaiting the moon rise as well.
Before the hooded guard could drop the axe ending life to Jack who keeled before him, he noticed the white fur of Jack begin to turn dark red. The ogre soon turned to question his underling as to why he has not heard the axe drop, but was soon petrified by what he saw.
Jack began to grow to a size that rivaled that of the ogres that stood around him. In fear the hooded guard began to swing the axe at Jack’s neck only to have it come to a sudden stop before reaching it’s destination. The guard was astonished to see that the red hand of Jack had grabbed the blade of the axe and was holding it tightly. As the hooded guard tried removing the axe from the clutches of the beast, he soon found himself staring into the face of what once was a cute puppy, but now was something with dark red fur, huge sharp teeth and yellow eyes that seemed to stare through him.

As Mad Dog and Ace lay down in their cell in an attempt to go to sleep, they were soon startled by the commotion of the guards on the roof. As they woke up in a panic and looked around their cell, they could plainly hear more footsteps ascending the stairwell that were presumably more guards sent to check on the noise.
“What was that?!” Ace asked as fear began to over take him.
“Jack.” Mad Dog remained calm, as he suddenly lost any interest in leaving the safety of their steel cage. “I told you he had a plain.”
“Was killing everyone part of it?” Ace questioned his friend.
“I highly doubt he’s capable of killing everyone.” Mad Dog explained to his Ace. “He’s only a puppy.”

On the roof however there were several dead bodies laid about bloodied and mangled with Jack in his form he called Ripper now standing among them. More guards soon entered the roof from the stairwell; however Ripper began to smile menacingly before quickly leaping onto one sending him crashing to the floor. The guards stood in terror as their comrade, who ran up the stairs with them, now lay dead below the red werewolf. The Ripper looked up at the two other guards and grinned as he then placed his hand upon the face of the dead ogre below him as if showing off his recent kill. The guards then noticed that the blood from all the bodies seemed to paint the once black roof a haunting red that matched the color of the beast smiling before them.

In town just as Batty opened his door to gaze at the sky as he often does with Garlic, he noticed a large group of town’s people near the dungeon looking up. Batty didn’t think much of it at first as he figured they were sharing the moment to gaze up at the sky as well. As Batty looked up again, he soon heard the screams of the nearby group. He lowered his head to see them all running away in fear. He quickly flew to the area they were standing at, landing just before the door. He looked around and couldn’t see anything, but soon heard a noise from behind the door in front of him. Batty began to approach the door but quickly jumped back in surprise as the door broke from the hinges and began to fall in front of him. He watched in amazement as Ripper walked from the dungeon doorway holding the head of a guard in his massive right hand. Batty was frightened by this scene before him, but had no choice but to stand his ground. Ripper soon dropped the head he was carrying and focused on Batty.
“You!” Ripper shouted aloud and couldn’t help but remember that Batty was the reason he was imprisoned to begin with. He started to become furious but stopped suddenly and focused his attention elsewhere.
Batty stood speechless as he soon saw what the werewolf before him was gazing at. In between the two stood a white dinosaur with black stripes.
“My hound.” The dinosaur spoke. “I am Cyber and Odin, within one body. As your creator, I bid you to come to my location.”
“But master!” Ripper grunted. “I must kill this bat for he is the one who imprisoned me.”
The dinosaur turned to look at Batty and then back at the werewolf. “You’ll have plenty of time to deal with him.”
Batty and Ripper stood silent as the image of Cyber slowly faded away in front of them. Ripper then looked back at Batty. “This isn’t over!” he yelled while proceeding to run to the town gates in efforts to leave the town.
Batty however just stood and watched the werewolf leave his town without attempting to give chase for he knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance against the beast. While watching the town gates trying to ponder exactly what just happened, he soon noticed movement from the corner of his eye.
“I told you we’re closed!” Rex yelled while tossing Boney from his tavern.
The skeleton however just stood up and walked over to Batty. “Why do you look like someone just died?” he spoke to the speechless bat.
Batty then glanced behind him and noticed the head of the dungeon guard now laid beside the doorway. “Boney, check the dungeon for survivors!” Batty ordered and then leapt high into the air and began to fly towards the roof.
Boney stood still for a moment. “Isn’t everyone in this place already dead?” he questioned aloud before walking into the doorway before him.
As Batty landed on the roof, he soon froze in horror as he noticed the bodies that laid about everywhere and blood that has repainted the nearby doors and the floor. He looked around and noticed a door with “do not enter” carved into it. He walked over to it and slowly began to open it. As he did, he became shocked, for there were several spirits within the room that were sitting around a table.
“Identify yourself!” One of the spirits demanded.
“I am the mayor of this town.” Batty responded. “Are you the counsel?”
“We are, and you are violating our sacred grounds, for no one but our guards are allowed to enter here.” The spirit spoke
“Well, got some bad news for ya. They’re all dead.” Batty spoke softly.
The spirits began to talk among their selves and then looked back at Batty. “What do you know?”
Batty began to assume that the spirits believed that he was lying. He thought for a moment and then opened the door all the way and stood out of the way so that they may see the horror behind him. The spirits soon seemed to be afraid.
“I don’t know exactly why this happened, but I suspect it was your doings.” Batty spoke.
The counsel of spirits quickly talked among themselves again. Soon one spoke “We had to make a sacrifice to Cain or there is a chance he could awaken from his slumber.”
Batty shook his head for he believed the spirits have lost what little minds they have left. He then walked back outside and closed the door behind him. As he turned around, he saw boney before him.
“There are only two prisoners alive.” Boney sadly said.
Batty looked among the bodies and soon approached one. He bent down and grabbed a ring of keys that hung from the belt loop of a dead guard. He stood back up and turned to Boney. “You are free to leave.” Batty softly spoke.
Batty then began to enter the doorway leading to a stairwell. After descending the stairs he soon found himself in a long hallway with cells on each side. He started walking down the long hallway and soon saw two faces that he has yet to forget.
“You are the only survivors?!” Batty spoke in surprise as he looked at Ace and Mad Dog.
“We’re the only survivors?” Mad Dog spoke softly, plainly still in fear of the sounds of the massacre he heard only moments earlier
“With no one here to tend for you, it’d be a waste to leave you two here.” Batty paused for a moment and then continued. “I’m going to let you go.” He began fumbling through the keys and began trying to open the cell door.
“You’re going to exile us as Ray did, with that thing roaming around?” Mad Dog questioned.
“If you are not gonna cause problems, you’re welcome to stay in town.” Batty responded while opening the cell door.
Mad Dog stood speechless and then asked. “May we continue our research on the tower?”
Ace looked at Mad Dog. “Are you crazy, that’s the reason we got exiled before.”
Batty looked at the two dogs. “I don’t care why you were exiled before. This is now. As I said, you are free to do whatever, but if you cause trouble you’re out.”
Mad Dog and Ace nodded to Batty in acknowledgment and proceeded to the front door soon disappearing into the darkness. Batty stood for a moment wondering what could be so special about the tower. As he became more in thought he soon realized that he has never seen any books on the matter. Batty then remembered the night that he and Garlic Jr met the Pumpkin God. “Didn’t he mention something about the tower?” He thought to himself as he once again became frustrated for lacking knowledge.

Garlic jr soon awoke and quickly looked around. To his surprise he was in a cot safely inside his ship. “it was all just a dream?” He spoke and gained a confused look. “Why the f*** was I a Cat?!”

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Demons will be demons....?
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