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 Fight Goz - King Vegeta

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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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PostSubject: Fight Goz - King Vegeta   Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:59 pm

Fight Goz Quest

Easy Quest

Requirement: Must be of evil alignment -3 or more.

Goz isn't too bright but is very strong. You must convince him to fight you and you must defeat him.

Reward: +$1,800, +150 EX, +15 DP, +1,500 all stats, +5 Rp Credit
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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

Posts : 34
Join date : 2011-06-03

PostSubject: Goz   Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:53 pm

King Vegeta was flying above the ground at a altitude of around 500 feet. The heat of Hell was very similar to Planet Vegeta's atmosphere, so King Vegeta was very comfortable. The scenery was quite different however, as he flew North towards Goz and the Lawyer's District of Hell. As far as he could see, there was nothing but a charred blood soaked wasteland. There were no tormented souls here nor any demons, now was there any change from the flat terrain except the mountains straight in front of him that was cresting the horizon as King Vegeta flew towards the Lawyer's District of Hell. Out from the base of the mountain range, a surging river of what actually seemed like clean water, made it's way out of the mountains and into the charred wasteland creating a very large inland lake. King Vegeta ignored the water assuming that it was poisoned since it was the only thing he had seen thus far that wasn't blood soaked, or riddled with bones and corpses.

As King Vegeta approached the mountains, he noticed a very small village on one of the cliff sides. He was curious and it was not at all out of his way, so King Vegeta flew over to the small cliff side village and landed in the middle of the only street through the small town. The village was filled with saiyans! Shocked, King Vegeta turned to his left and looked at a woman walking straight towards him.

King Vegeta: You there, woman! Why are saiyan's here in Hell? Where are your warriors?

The woman continued walking towards King Vegeta as if she had not heard him at all. When she was only a mere six feet away and still walking towards the king, he assumed his fighting stance and prepared for a attack from the woman.

King Vegeta: I asked you a question peasant woman! Answer your King!

Unfazed by the words King Vegeta had just spoken, the woman kept walking towards King Vegeta. He reached out and punched the woman, and much to his shock, his fist went right through the saiyan woman's head. She continued walking and walked straight through King Vegeta. He realized he was either hallucinating or under some kind of sorcerer's spell. King Vegeta turned and watched the woman as she made her way to a run down shack dwelling. When she opened the door, Frieza stood inside the dwelling smiling. Frieza slapped the saiyan woman aside and with one powerful attack, destroyed the village in the blink of a eye. King Vegeta powered up in a rage but once his eyes focused on his surroundings again he realized he was hovering above the mountains with no one anywhere around him. The rage in his heart still stirred and the knot in his stomach still wrenched his gut.

King Vegeta: It was a illusion? What does it mean? Who is preforming this sorcery on me? I have a mission to accomplish, but I will find out what this is about.

King Vegeta took off through the air to close the last 100 miles or so between him and Goz. As King Vegeta exited the mountain range the scenery completely changed. There was what seemed to be a saiyan city but it had been laid to waste, only the smaller buildings still stood, the tall skyscrapers all had fallen. In the center of the city he saw a figure floating above the ruins laughing, it was Frieza. King Vegeta speed teleported in front of Frieza and unleashed a fury of punches and kicks, all of which simply went through Frieza as did his punch against the saiyan woman from his earlier illusion. King Vegeta stopped and gazed into Frieza's vanishing image, speechless.

Goz: What the hell are you doing up there? Fighting ghosts?

King Vegeta looked down and no longer saw the saiyan city ruins, just a huge castle made up of mostly dungeons. The castle looked as if it were made of brimstone which was still smoldering and the smell of burning flesh filled the air.

Goz: Hello? Anybody home?
(mumbles) Great another nut job, where do they keep coming from......

King Vegeta spotted the demon yelling at him with an absolute lack of respect of the king of all saiyans. King Vegeta speed teleported fifty feet away from Goz and directly in front of him.

King Vegeta: Goz I presume?
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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

Posts : 34
Join date : 2011-06-03

PostSubject: Re: Fight Goz - King Vegeta   Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:13 am

Goz: Yea. Who are you spiky?

King Vegeta: SPIKY!? Where in this god forsaken place do you get off disrespecting me, the king of all saiyans! You wish for a painful death as all my other enemies have received don't you!?

Goz: Well "all your enemies" might be an exaggerating a bit don't you think? After all your dead...

King Vegeta: Why you insolent little prick. You do have a death wish.

Goz: So you are King Vegeta huh? My apologies sir, I did not know. You must tell me what you was doing in the sky though. So odd it was.

King Vegeta: It is none of your concern what I was doing up there, mind your own business! Now tell me, I wish to travel to Lucifer's Empire after I beat you in battle, in which direction is it? How do I get there?

Goz: You must travel north of here, exactly 28.5 miles. There will be a lake on your left and a canyon to your right. In the bottom of the canyon, midways through, there will be a door on your left. This door is the path to Lucifer's Empire.

As soon as Goz finished talking he ran towards King Vegeta, with his right fist raised. King Vegeta speed teleported behind Goz and hovered in the sky and watched Goz looking around frantically for King Vegeta. Goz finally looked up and saw King Vegeta. He yelled out to King Vegeta with a slightly stunned look on his face.

Goz: Hey! No fair! I cant fly! Get back down here so I can pummel you, your majesty.

King Vegeta: As you wish. It will be my pleasure to destroy you here and now.

King Vegeta speed teleported in front of Goz, surprising him. King Vegeta immediately speed teleported to where he was back-to-back with Goz. King Vegeta raised a fist and swung it, elbow first, into Goz's side. The demon doubled over in pain, and King Vegeta saw his chance for a easy victory. King Vegeta speed teleported in front of Goz and ran towards the demon as fast as he could, kicking upward on the demon's head when he drew close enough. The kick actually detached Goz's head from his body, his head went flying off into the sky out of sight and his body fell limp to the ground. King Vegeta smiled and turned to take off towards the canyon with the door to Lucifer's Empire. However, before he was able to take flight, a small white dart came out of nowhere and stuck into King Vegeta's thigh. King Vegeta pulled the dart to look at it as his vision went black and he became unconscious.

WC: 1,189
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PostSubject: Re: Fight Goz - King Vegeta   

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Fight Goz - King Vegeta
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