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 Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta

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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta Empty
PostSubject: Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta   Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 1:22 am

Demon Horn Quest

Medium Quest

Requirement: Must be of evil Alignment -3 or greater

You have went to Hell and ended up in Lucifer's prison. Escape your cell and seek out where the Demon Horn is kept inside Lucifer's Castle.

Reward:+$3,000, +350 EX, +45 DP, +6,500 all stats, +50 Rp Credits


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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

Posts : 34
Join date : 2011-06-03

Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta Empty
PostSubject: Re: Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta   Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 2:14 am

King Vegeta awoke on the floor of a dungeon cell, the walls, floor, and ceiling was all made of brimstone and was smoldering hot. As King Vegeta arose from the floor, he felt the severe blisters on his exposed skin from where he was lying on the floor; the more he moved, the more they cracked open and bled. He winced in pain for only a second and then stood tall and proud, there was nothing in the cell except a hole in the floor for sanitary purposes even though it was only a foot deep. The front of the cell was nothing more than a simple steel bar wall with a built in door integrated into it. He heard nothing but silence as he approached the cell door. He grabbed the bars in front of him and stuck his head out and peered to his left, there was one more cell on his side then a wall. He turned his head back the other way to peer to his right. He was at the end of a short hallway, each side housed 10 cells, which if they were like the one King Vegeta was in they were all about 15' x 15' x 15'. At the end of the hallway was a heavy wooden door and nothing more. There was no guard in sight nor any prisoners that King Vegeta was able to see. He called out down the hallway to see if there was anyone there with him.

King Vegeta: Am I alone in here or what?

After a few deathly silent moment a voice answered King Vegeta.

Voice: You are not alone. Welcome to Lucifer's Prison.

King Vegeta: Lucifer's Prison huh? I thought it was Hell's Dump Yard, it is disgusting in here.

Voice: You sound familiar, what is your name?

King Vegeta: I am King Vegeta! King of all saiyans, the most thorough bred warrior race in the universe!

Voice: I once was a king also. Until I watched my entire race destroyed in front of my eyes, my wife and children burned alive while I watched helpless. You see I was so consumed with gaining power that I turned my back on the ones that I truly cared about most. In my quest to conquer the galaxy, I allowed everyone close to me to perish.

King Vegeta: HA! Saiyans will never be conquered in such a way. You must have been cowering in the shadows as you watched your family die, coward! A true warrior cares for no one and nothing, for this gives him unlimited determination and strength in battle. If you are soft with pathetic emotions such as you speak of, then you will surely be defeated by a true warrior. A true warriors strength comes from the hatred inside his heart.

Voice: You realize not what you say King Vegeta. If one allows good to take over their heart, their strength is MUCH more powerful than one filled with hatred. Now that I have nothing, I have no will to fight, conquer galaxies, gain power, or live.

King Vegeta: How dare you speak to me in that manner! I will save you from your pathetic emotions and blast you into the next life! Such a pathetic outlook must be that of a human.

Voice: I'm not human, I am a former saiyan super elite.

King Vegeta: Impossible! You said your entire race was destroyed! LIAR!

Voice: In this time the Saiyan race still lives, but in my time I am the only one left. For you see, I am you, 10 years from the present time. Lucifer saw fit to torture me for all of eternity by allowing me to watch myself make the same mistakes in my life again and again and again. I watch my wife and child die each of those times.

King Vegeta: You must think me to be a complete moron, you expect me to believe your lies? What you say is absurd. I have no wife or child! Show yourself and let it be known who you truly are. NOW!

Voice: Not yet you don't, but as you wish, but please take my words seriously. If you do not change, you will cause the end of the Saiyan race and be forced to relive it for all eternity.


King Vegeta decentigrated the steel bars to his cell with a single Energy Wave. He then stepped through the opening of his prison cell and proceeded down the hallway, looking in each cell for the man that he had been speaking with. When he reached the next to last cell on his left, he saw him. In front of King Vegeta stood a slightly older King Vegeta. The imposter smirked at the surprised face that King Vegeta had made as he started walking towards the door of the prison cell.

Voice: Heed my warning. Release the rage in your heart and experience the power of good.

With that the Old King Vegeta disappeared into thin air.

King Vegeta: What the hell is going on here? I must have been drugged, there is no way that was real. Or was it?

Voice: It was real, release the hatred before it is too late!

King Vegeta: I've gone nuts...

King Vegeta walked to the door at the end of the cell block hallway and ever so slowly cracked it open just enough to peer into the next room. The room was a gigantic circle with a door every 30 feet all the way around the room and a stairwell in the center of the room going up. King Vegeta figured that this was the lower level of the prison and the way out would be upstairs. Just before he took off to find his way out, something inside him urged him to use his Sense ability to scout out the area. King Vegeta could only sense that there was something very unusual at the top of the prison, possibly in a tower. He couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it was powerful and also inanimate. With his curiosity nagging at him, he decided to go find out what was emitting the strange power before he vacated the prison to continue his journey to Lucifer's Empire.

WC: 1,055
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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

Posts : 34
Join date : 2011-06-03

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PostSubject: Re: Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta   Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta EmptyWed Jul 06, 2011 3:19 pm

King Vegeta made his way up the stairwell cautiously, ready for a fight at a moments notice. After 25 flights of stairs the stairwell ended into a small room with 2 guards in front of a single door. King Vegeta stepped out in plain sight and proudly walked towards the guards stopping just a few paces from them.

Guard: Halt! No one is permitted into the Demon Horn Sanctuary. Turn around and go about your business.

King Vegeta: Surely you don't speak to royalty in that tone regularly.

Guard: Royalty?

King Vegeta: Yes, I am King Vegeta, king of all Saiyans, and I wish to enter this "Demon Horn Sanctuary" that you guard. I feel a strange energy coming from the room and I must see what it is.

Guard: The Demon Horn resides inside. This horn, when blown in battle, will call forth a swarm of minions from the darkness. These minions will swamp your opponent and give you two attacks where your speed and strength are doubled making it them incredibly difficult to dodge or block your attacks.

King Vegeta: Interesting. Still I must see this Demon Horn for myself. Step aside or die where you stand, your choice.

Guard: I will guard my post as ordered!

King Vegeta: You will die at your post then.

King Vegeta raised his right hand and began to prepare a Energy Wave. A small blue ball of energy appeared in King Vegeta's palm and then quickly enlarged to the size of a basketball.

Guard: Wait! Of course if I was looking out the window there, I suppose you could sneak by me without my knowledge.

King Vegeta: Too late, you had your chance.

Just before King Vegeta unleashed the charged Energy Wave, the voice from the Old King Vegeta screamed out in King Vegeta's head.

Old King Vegeta: Stop! This guard will allow you to pass, take his offer and spar his life. Don't continue down the path of destruction and mayhem that you have left in your wake thus far.

King Vegeta: Agh! Alright, just get out of my head!

Guard: Huh?

King Vegeta: Have it your way! Look away and I shall spar your life as you requested.

Guard: Of course King Vegeta.

The guards both turned and gazed out the window and said nothing to King Vegeta as he walked past them and into the Demon Horn Sanctuary. The sanctuary was a long corridor with a alter at the end of it. Torches lined both sides of the corridor and a large window set in the wall behind the alter. Upon the alter sat the Demon Horn, surrounded by a dark energy. King Vegeta took a step towards the alter and was slung to his knee's forcefully. He could feel the dark energy surrounding the Demon Horn trying to consume him, it felt as if it was taking his soul away from him. Enraged, King Vegeta powered up to his maximum and fought the darkness trying to consume him with all his might. After feverish minutes of inner battle passed, King Vegeta knew he had to try to destroy the Demon Horn before the darkness took over his soul. Without hesitation, he fought to his feet and prepared his most powerful attack.

King Vegeta: Take this!

King Vegeta unleashed a Galic Gun attack strong enough to destroy a planet. The explosion destroyed the far end of the corridor and sent the Demon Horn flying through the air into the distance. Knowing that now he was now too weak to fight off the hundreds of guards that were probably coming to the Demon Horn Sanctuary, King Vegeta flew out the gaping hole in the side of the tower and towards the mountains for cover while he recovered his strength.

WC: 1,685
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PostSubject: Re: Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta   Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta Empty

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Demon Horn Quest - King Vegeta
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