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 Ancient Kai Quest - Hard Quest

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PostSubject: Ancient Kai Quest - Hard Quest   Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:31 am

Ancient Supreme Kai's Spiritual Awakening Quest

Hard Quest

Requirement: Must be Lawful Good and have a PL of 500,000. Cannot train, spar, battle, or do other quest. This takes 1 week and will indicate so on your Character's status.

Each character may only do this quest once.

With enough badgering, the Ancient Supreme Kai will agree to unlock your fighting spirit within. However, even after he agrees to give you his training, you will still have to preform 1 test of purity for him before he will actually start the spiritual awakening.

Reward: +$3,000, +500 EX, +15 DP, +15 Rp Credits, PL +60%, Ki +40%, all other stats +25%, all traits +25%.
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Ancient Kai Quest - Hard Quest
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