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 Coyote Infestation - medium quest

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Coyote Infestation - medium quest Empty
PostSubject: Coyote Infestation - medium quest   Coyote Infestation - medium quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 5:51 pm

Location: Cactaylisma

Difficulty: Medium

Description: The Star Wolves have been getting a bad rap lately, largely because they've been accused of hitting risky targets and gaining even more the ire of several armies, also making us just look like bloodthirsty scum by killing hostages. In addition, several of our own people have been ambushed out in the field and their recent hauls stolen and usually our people murdered. We've discovered a group known as the Coyotes has been using the Star Wolf name and reputation to do their dirty work. Find out where these wannabes are striking from and take them out.

*You don't need to leave Cactaylisma to do this mission. Status remains the same.*

Reward: +$600, +20 EX, +5 DP, +450 all stats, +5 Rp Credits

Special: Space Ship and Band of the Wolf available in inventory.
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Coyote Infestation - medium quest
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