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 Star Foxes - medium quest

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Star Foxes - medium quest Empty
PostSubject: Star Foxes - medium quest   Star Foxes - medium quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 5:53 pm

Star Wolves

Difficulty: Medium Quest

A group of Star Wolf dropouts and failures have created a fleet called the Star Foxes. You and three other ship captains are sent out o take care of this little threat to business. Be wary though, they have a trump card up their sleeve--a saiyan mercenary that means business. If you can't beat em, maybe you can convince him to join you? Money is the best persuasion and the fleet will cover the bill.

Reward:+$800, +20 EX, +5 DP, +450 all stats, +5 Rp Credits

Requirement: Band of the Wolf available in inventory.
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Star Foxes - medium quest
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