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 The Big Fat Score - hard quest

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The Big Fat Score - hard quest Empty
PostSubject: The Big Fat Score - hard quest   The Big Fat Score - hard quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 5:58 pm

Location: Cactaylisma

Difficulty: Hard

Description: There is an Avalonian cargo ship that has to pass by Cactaylisma on it's way to it's destination. One of our people set this up by redirecting its original route and now it is within striking distance. The cargo ship itself is pretty much the armored car of space, nearly impervious to attack and full of pure zeni. On top of that several war ships are traveling with it in its protection group, and, we've heard reports that even if you can get into the cargo ship they have several powerful mercenaries. We want you to take on this ship but be careful. Once you take your cut, this may be the biggest payoff of your career!

*You don't need to leave Cactaylisma to do this mission. Status remains the same.*

Reward: +$6,000, +30 EX, +10 DP, +1,140 all stats, +10 Rp Credits

Special: Space Ship and Band of the Wolf available in inventory.
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The Big Fat Score - hard quest
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