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 Cleanse of the Wicked - hard quest

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PostSubject: Cleanse of the Wicked - hard quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:02 pm

Location: Cactaylisma

Difficulty: Hard

Description: One of the Paladins in your order by the name of Vincent, proactive and nearly crazy, has asked you a special favor and assures you he will support you in all future endeavors. He wants you to strike a large blow against the Star Wolves before they get too powerful, by taking out a large base of theirs directly on Cactaylisma! Be sneaky and careful, or you might have the whole force of them on you before you can escape.

Reward: +$5,000, +30 EX, +10DP, +1,140 all stats, +10 Rp Credits

Requirement: Must be Lawful Good.
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Cleanse of the Wicked - hard quest
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