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 Slay the Tlekuanis - easy quest

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PostSubject: Slay the Tlekuanis - easy quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:44 pm

Slay the Tlekuanius

Location: Maverick

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Rumor has it that Maverick is looking for a mercenary that can get the job done. As a rare collector of items he puts out a reward for slaying the mighty Tlekuanius and bringing back its hide, or extracting its special ingredient located directly on the back of the beast. The Tlekuanius is a huge apelike creature who lurks in the darkest depths of the Maverick jungles that permeates a rare but potent vasoline that keeps its teal-blue hide in perfect condition at all times, even after death. Warriors be wary for the Tlekuanius is one of the rare breeds of animal in the universe that can manipulate ki energy.

Alignment Conditions: By slaying the beast and skinning its hide, -1 in Alignment. By extracting the beasts special ingredient on its hide without killing the ape, +1 in Alignment By capturing the beast alive and taking him to Maverick himself, Remain Neutral but requires two more posts then normal.

Reward: +$400, +10 EX, +2 DP, +50 all stats, +2 Rp Credits
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Slay the Tlekuanis - easy quest
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