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 Pest Control - easy quest

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Pest Control - easy quest Empty
PostSubject: Pest Control - easy quest   Pest Control - easy quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 6:18 pm

Pest Control

Location: Frieza
Difficulty: Easy
Description: as a trainee in the grand Planet Trade Organization army, you and a few others are sent out to the northern part of planet Frieza. A horde of Ice Wolves needs to be exterminated to prove your skill and worth as a real soldier. Beware, the Ice Wolves each range up to a 1,000 power level and there are dozens of them.

Reward: +$200, +10 EX, +170 all stats, +4 dp, +2 rp

Requirement: Must be of neutral or evil alignment, and must be alien or changling.
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Pest Control - easy quest
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