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 Skipping a Debt - easy quest

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PostSubject: Skipping a Debt - easy quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:28 pm

Description: While sipping a drink at a local bar, a pathetic-looking alien grabs you by the arm, sobbing. "Please,you look like a warrior you have to help me get out of here. I owe some people a lot of money, and tonight's when I'm supposed to pay! I've made a decent sum the last few days, but they aren't giving me enough time! I beg of you, help me get to the Galactic Transit Station! There're bound to be thugs looking for me. I'll pay you all I have left after I buy my ticket off this planet. Please?"
Will you help this worm?

Location: Frieza
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: +$400, +10 EX, +2 DP, +120 all stats, +2 Rp Credits
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Skipping a Debt - easy quest
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