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 Frost's Trial - medium quest

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Frost's Trial - medium quest Empty
PostSubject: Frost's Trial - medium quest   Frost's Trial - medium quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 6:35 pm

Frost's Trial

Difficulty: Medium

Master Frost has noticed to true extent of your brutality and gives you his trial. For his trial you must learn to harness the true power of your rage. He sends his best assassins to kill you. You must destroy them before they get you first!

Reward: +$600, +20 EX, +8 DP, +700 all stats, +8 Rp Credits

Bonus: +8 SP, 1 free Master Frost taught technique

Special: Must have trained with Frost for 2 weeks and must be under 30,000 PL.
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Frost's Trial - medium quest
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