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 A High Price - hard quest

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A High Price - hard quest Empty
PostSubject: A High Price - hard quest   A High Price - hard quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 6:38 pm

A High Price

Location: Frieza

Difficulty: Hard

Description: A new planet that will fetch a high price on the market has been found by the higher ups but needs to be captured. Most warriors in the Planet Trae Organization haven't gone near the mission as the power level of it's natives are incredibly high (reports are that there is at least one fighter over 10,000). First travel to the planet then conquer it and make it ready for sale by destroying all life.

Reward: +$2000, +30 EX, +1,250 all stats, +12 dp, +10 rp credits
Bonus: +25 EX, -3 alignment

Requirements: Changeling/Alien only
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A High Price - hard quest
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