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 The Sword of a King - easy quest

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PostSubject: The Sword of a King - easy quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:58 pm

The Sword of a King

Location: Yaidrat

Difficulty: Easy

Reward: +$400, +10 EX, +2 DP, +130 all stats, +2 Rp Credits

Description: They say that if you pull a sword from the mountain that towers of Yaidrat you will become the King of all Yaidrat. One greedy man has decided he wants to become the King. Unfortunately for him he cannot prise the sword from the mountain. He is offering money (under the table) for someone to draw the sword from the rock and leave it half out for him to prise draw from the stone easily.
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The Sword of a King - easy quest
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