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 Scrolls of Yardrat - Hard quest

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PostSubject: Scrolls of Yardrat - Hard quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:03 pm

Scrolls of Yaidrat

Location: Yaidrat

Difficulty: Hard

Reward: Reward: +$1,500, +30 EX, +6 DP, +1,140 all stats, +10 Rp Credits

Description: In the Center of The Ancient Yaidrat School of Learning the Scroll of Yaidrat lies. Written on this scroll is only the most advanced techniques of all time. And it was stolen, it is up to you to retrieve it, by any means necessary. But beware, the person who stole this scroll has undoubtedly read it by now and will prove to be a worthy opponent if he had no previous training. But it takes someone with great skill to break into the School of Learning. This will be one fight that will not end happily, for either side.
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Scrolls of Yardrat - Hard quest
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