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 The Old Paladin - medium quest

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The Old Paladin - medium quest Empty
PostSubject: The Old Paladin - medium quest   The Old Paladin - medium quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 7:17 pm

The Old Paladin

Difficulty: Medium

Reward:+$700, +20 EX, +5 DP, +450 all stats, +5 Rp Credits

Ury was once one of the best Paladins in all of Avalon. But with age he has grown weaker than he once was. He recently went into the Cougan Plains to dispatch some brigands threatening a local town. He was marked as MIA. A young Paladin by the name of Maris has hired you to go find Ury as he is too busy with his duties to search for the old man himself. Find out what happened to the old hero and if still alive, bring him back.
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The Old Paladin - medium quest
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