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 The Vault - medium quest

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The Vault - medium quest Empty
PostSubject: The Vault - medium quest   The Vault - medium quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 7:22 pm

Title: The Vault

Location: Avalon

Difficulty: Medium

Description: The planet of Avalon, being a trade mecca, is immensly rich. Thousands of zeni are pumped into the Royal Avalanian Vault through taxes every year. Because the bandits living in the fields often make attacks on the vault, The council of Elders holds Tryouts to be a vault guard. You apply and get the job. The security is tight is tight in the vault, but the chance to make off with a load of money is alluring...

Reward: +$700, +20 EX, +6 DP, +480 all stats, +6 Rp Credits, plus...

If you guard the vault: +2 alignment, +320 all stats

If you steal the contents: -2 alignment, +$1,000
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The Vault - medium quest
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