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 Ankh of Aleksandria - hard quest

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Ankh of Aleksandria - hard quest Empty
PostSubject: Ankh of Aleksandria - hard quest   Ankh of Aleksandria - hard quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 7:30 pm

Ankh of Aleksandria

Difficulty: Hard Quest

Reward:+$2,400, +30 EX, +12 DP, +1,140 all stats, +10 Rp Credits

Requirement: Must be Lawful Good.

The Ankh of Alekxandria is an ancient holy relic used by the Paladins. Recently, it has been stolen and Daison Ramsy is searching for a powerful warrior to track it down. He hires you, one of his up and coming Paladins to seek it. You find that it has been stolen by two demons Regiru and Megiru who seek to transmute it into a dark relic. You must defeat them!
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Ankh of Aleksandria - hard quest
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