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 The Masamune pt. 1 - medium quest

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PostSubject: The Masamune pt. 1 - medium quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:04 pm

The Masamune Part 1

Difficulty: Medium

So you've come to Maverick's gallery seeking his rare and exquisite items and your attention has come to the legendary sword, the Masamune. To obtain it you must first face those slain by it. Maverick never shows his face to you, but you talk to his butler. He tells you that Maverick wants you to search the ruins of the city of Dubrey and call out the spirits of the Seven Sword Masters. The legend is the wielder of the Masamune tested the strength of the legendary blade by killing the best swordsman on the planet with it. Beware, they are violent spirits and will not be defeated easily. After defeating them they will give you Medallion of the Sword Master which you must present to Maverick to prove you are worthy for the next test.

Reward: +450 all stats, +20 EX, and the Medallion of the Sword Master.
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The Masamune pt. 1 - medium quest
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