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 Slay the Kassak - easy quest

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Slay the Kassak - easy quest Empty
PostSubject: Slay the Kassak - easy quest   Slay the Kassak - easy quest EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 8:59 pm

Slay the Kassak

Easy Quest

Kassacks are large dragons that live on the surface of Juno and they have a natural power level of around 800 to 2,000. They are the only creature with the ability to use ki attacks by nature. They have a special ability called Ki Eater, which enables them to absorb an energy attack and fire it back at double the strength. It takes skill and great power to defeat a Kassack and bring back its head. Consider yourself warned.

Reward: +$400, +10 EX, +2 DP, +120 all stats, +2 Rp Credits

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Slay the Kassak - easy quest
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