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 The Masamune pt. 2 - hard quest

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PostSubject: The Masamune pt. 2 - hard quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:06 pm

The Masamune Pt.2

Difficulty: Hard

After presenting the Medallion of the Sword Masters to Maverick's butler you are allowed to take the blade. But there is a catch, before you can wield the blade you must face one final spirit, that of the blade's former wielder, a man who almost became a god. By taking up handle of the blade you are thrust into a spirit world and confronted by him. The man's name is Sephoron and he is not going to allow just any weakling to use his blade. You must defeat him or the blade cannot be yours.

Reward: +1,000 all stats, +30 EX, and the item Masamune
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The Masamune pt. 2 - hard quest
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