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 The Colossus of Rhodes - hard quest

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PostSubject: The Colossus of Rhodes - hard quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:16 pm

Title: The Colossus of Rhodes

Location: Maverick

Difficulty: Hard

Description: Those crafty Kekko people build great statues, but one got a little too ambitious. Wanting to build a city that could move turned disastrous for him and now his giant colossus has come to life! A representation of the Kekko sun god is now tearing down forests and other towns. Nothing seems to be able to stop it, so they've asked you to help. But be careful, theres a whole city of people inside it!

Reward: +$4,000, +30 EX, +6 DP, +100 all stats, +6 Rp Credits, and Majestic Stitches: When used on two pairs of gloves it allows you to combine them as one item adding their properties and stats together. Once it's been used, it'll combine with the gloves as well.
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The Colossus of Rhodes - hard quest
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