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 Personal Saga - Brolli - 6/5

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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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PostSubject: Personal Saga - Brolli - 6/5   Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:42 am

It was regular mourning at the training base on Planet Vegeta. The air was thick and humid, the sun rising gave a purplish hue to the sunrise. Brolli had a few minutes before he had to be at formation to report and get his assignments for the day. So he took the time to eat a small breakfast. 25 eggs, 1 lb. of sausage, a dozen biscuits with gravy, and a gallon of orange juice. After he finished eating he made his way from the chow hall to the area outside his barracks where his company's formations were always held. As usual he was the first one there out of his platoon, Brolli liked being the first one there, it showed his counterparts inferiority. As Brolli was getting into his squad leader position a small saiyan about 15 years of age ran into Brolli which sent the child tumbling.

Child: HEY! Get out of my way mister! I've got to deliver this letter to the delta company commander at once by order of King Vegeta!

Brolli merely grinned at the puny boy as he ran inside the barracks. Brolli paid the event no mind, adolescent children were used regularly on base to deliver letters. It gave the children a sense of importance and doubled as a speed training for the young. After about five minutes the platoon sergeant opened the door to the barracks and looked around. Three other saiyans in Brolli's platoon had reported for formation.

Platoon Sergeant: Brolli, come with me, the commander wants a few words with you.
Brolli: Hooah, sergeant!

Brolli followed the platoon sergeant upstairs to the company commanders office. It was a elegant office with walls of crystal trimmed in silver and gold decorated with blood rubies. Brolli kept his eyes fixed in front of him and maintained the level of discipline that had been taught to him by his father since birth. The platoon sergeant stopped in front of a wooden door that stood what must have been 20 ft tall and reached to press the intercom button just to the side of the majestic door. Before he pressed the button however the company commander bellowed over the intercom "GET IN HERE! I TOLD YOU THIS WAS URGENT SERGEANT!". The sergeant opened the door and motioned for Brolli to enter, Brolli stepped through the doorway and the platoon sergeant closed the door behind Brolli but remained outside. Brolli thought to himself "Something isn't right. What the hell have I done now?"

Company Commander: Brolli, we have a problem.

WC: 425

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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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PostSubject: Re: Personal Saga - Brolli - 6/5   Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:08 pm

Company Commander: King Vegeta has requested my absolute best soldier for a TOP SECRET mission. One of our spies has informed us that Lord Frost has just started training the low class aliens of the Independent Planet Federation with the intention of building a army for the purpose of taking over the planets of the Saiyan Empire and eventually Planet Vegeta itself. It seems Lord Frost is still bitter at the fact that we regained our independence from the Cold clan and wants to once again reign over us as our master. Your mission is to take 2 soldiers of your choice from your platoon, go to Planet Frieza, and destroy the training camps while gathering as much intel as possible. You will not receive reinforcements under any circumstance and if you are captured or killed then we will deny all knowledge of your presence there and claim you to be a rogue saiyan mercenary. Do you understand?

Brolli: Understood Commander.

Company Commander: Excellent. Go choose your 2 soldiers and meet me back here 0700 hrs. You will brief them on the way to Planet Frieza and you all will receive a scouter and a saiyan space pod for the use of this mission. Dismissed.

Brolli turned and left the Company Commanders office. He proceeded back outside to the formation area and looked over his platoon trying to figure out which 2 saiyans he trusted enough for this mission. There was Borgas, a huge saiyan with a touch of male pattern baldness, he wasn't smart but he was a brute in combat and followed orders very well. Then there was Brocco, an average sized saiyan, whom specialized in explosives, engineering, and was very trustworthy.

Brolli: Borgas! Brocco! Come with me. The rest of you, At Ease!

The 2 saiyan soldiers exited formation and followed Brolli to a secluded building behind the barracks. Brolli opened the door and motioned for the 2 saiyans to enter, Brolli followed and locked the door behind them. The building housed a generator for the barracks, it was constantly roaring and made eavesdropping next to impossible.

Brolli: I've received a black ops assignment and need my best 2 soldiers whom I can trust with top secret knowledge as well as my life. I can tell you nothing of the mission until we are in route. Do either of you have a problem with this?

Brocco: As long as I get to blow something up I'm in.

Borgas: Uhh......

Brolli: I can promise you multiple battles Borgas.

Borgas: Ha! Count me in.

Brolli: Good, its 0625 hrs right now. Each of you go to your quarters and grab all of your battle gear and survival equipment. Meet me outside the company commander's office at 0650 hrs SHARP! If your late your dead! Hooah!?

Brocco: Hooah!

Borgas: Hooah!

The trio exited the building and proceeded to their quarters inside the barracks. Brolli quickly gathered his best suit of armor, scouter repair equipment, his favorite knife (A long survival type blade etched with 2 blood grooves on each side, serrated on the spine. The handle made of solid bone from a valorak beast with hardened knuckles guards), and last but not least a small wristband that contained a computer for storing data, maps, images, and anything else that a soldier may need. He placed the items in a small bag and proceeded to the company commanders office. Brolli stood waiting impatiently for Brocco and Borgas to show. At exactly 0650 hrs they walked up just as Brolli had ordered them.

Brocco: So what now Brolli?

Brolli: We wait until 0700 hrs on the dot to request entrance.

Borgas: Aw! I could have finished my third breakfast! We dont exactely eat well most missions...

Brolli scowled at the saiyans attempt at humor but before he could say anything the company commanders door opened and the commander stepped out.

Company Commander: Follow me soldiers, we have no time to waste.

The trio of soldiers followed the commander out of the barracks and across the training base to where the battalion space pod center was. They entered bay # 342 and saw that there was already 3 space pods fueled and ready for departure. Brolli immediately claimed the nicest one for himself. As the trio of soldiers placed there supplies under the seats of the pods and climbed in, the company commander gave each soldier a scouter and gave Brolli a small disk about an inch in diameter.

Company Commander: This contains your coordinates, use your wrist computer to view them. Soldiers! Bring honor to King Vegeta and the Saiyan race!

With that the commander turned and exited the space pod bay closing the door behind him.

WC: 1,210
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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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PostSubject: Re: Personal Saga - Brolli - 6/5   Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:25 pm

The three saiyans entered their saiyan space pods and closed the hatch. Immediately a spiral door opened underneath each ship and the ships fell down through a maze of tubes just large enough to allow a saiyan space pod to travel freely at tremendous speed. After a few seconds of falling twist and turns, each of the tubes the three saiyans were in turned straight up and launched the saiyan space pods into the atmosphere of Planet Vegeta. Instantly The engines came to life and blasted the trio of warriors into space. They kept going straight past Planet Vegeta's moon and right out of Planet Vegeta's space zone. Once they had cleared the space zone of Planet Vegeta all three saiyan space pods came to a abrupt halt.

Brolli: Saiyans, are your scouters on?

Brocco: Affirmative.

Borgos: Yup.

Brolli: Standby for coordinates.

Borgos: Standing by.

Brocco: Standing by.

Brolli took the disk that the company commander had given him and inserted it into his wrist pc. A holographic image of Planet Vegeta appeared above Brolli's wrist pc. The holographic image then zoomed out and gave a view of the section of universe that the saiyan trio was traveling. A bright green dot represented Planet Vegeta, it had a bright red line traveling from Planet Vegeta to the trios current location marking their exact travel route. From there the line turned bright blue and continued to Planet Frieza. The coordinates came into view in the foreground of the holographic map. It displayed the coordinates "197-56584-664348+61+64". Below that it displayed the estimated arrival time with the ships at full speed.

Brolli: The coordinates are 197-56584-664348+61+64.

Brocco: 197-56584-664348+61+64 ; copy.

Borgos: 197-56584-664348+61+64 ; copy.

Brocco: Planet Frieza? Are you going to tell us whats going on Brolli?

Borgas: You wasn't pulling my tail when you said I would have my chance at multiple battles, was ya Brolli?

Brolli: No, I wasn't pulling anyones tail. This mission is of utmost importance. Before I go into details engage your engines so I can brief you en route to Planet Frieza.

The three saiyan space pods blasted off through space in the direction of Planet Frieza, the ships images blurred from the sheer velocity in which they were traveling.

Brolli: Alright. Heres the deal, this is a black ops mission. No backup, no reinforcements, just us. Lord Frost has recruited roughly 5,000 low class alien scum from all around the Independent Planet Federation with the intention of building a army for the soul purpose of waging war on the saiyan race. Their plans are to take over each planet in the Saiyan Empire one by one enslaving all saiyans on each planet. They will eventually make their way to Planet Vegeta to do the same. We got word of this scheme early enough that we have a chance to completely destroy the army that Lord Frost has created. Our source said that none of the low class aliens that Lord Frost has recruited has a power level of more than 1000. They are located on training bases that Lord Frost has just had construction finished on. He oversees their training directly so their power levels wont be meager for long, hence the urgency of this mission. If captured or killed King Vegeta and the Saiyan army will deny all knowledge of this mission and our association to them. They will label us rogue saiyan mercenaries. Our primary objective is to exterminate the low class alien army and to destroy the training base. Our Secondary objective is to gather as much intell as possible as to why Lord Frost plans on violating the treaty between the Saiyan Empire and Planet Frieza. Lord Frost is more intelligent and savvy than any one of the Cold clan ever was, there has to be something else motivating him to take such a big risk. Also lets get this straight right here right now, I am in charge of this mission, any and all actions taken must be approved by me. Do either of you have any questions?

Brocco: Saiyans slaves?! Never!

Borgas: I'm gonna skin those aliens and make a new carpet for my living quarters!

Brolli: Thats what I like to hear. Alright men, we gonna have our work cut out for us. Our estimated arrival time is 113.62 hours. Use this time for meditation to prepare yourselves mentally and physically for this mission. Hooah!?

Brocco: Hooah!

Borgas: Hooah!

WC: 1,950
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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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PostSubject: Re: Personal Saga - Brolli - 6/5   Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:24 pm

Brolli was in a deep state of meditation as his saiyan space pod soared through the voids of space. He had finally gotten the mission command he had been waiting for so that he may prove himself as one of the absolute best saiyan warriors in the Saiyan Empire, even the universe. He relaxed and concentrated on clearing his mind. He pictured himself standing in front of a full mirror looking at his reflection. Suddenly his reflection reached out of the mirror and pulled him inside. The battle was on. Brolli grabbed M_Brolli by the throat and unleashed a horrific Energy Dan that would have decapitated any normal being. Once the ki blast cleared though M_Brolli stood firm smirking at the pathetic attempt.

M_Brolli: That all you got monkey boy?

Enraged Brolli let go of M_Brolli's throat grabbed his hair firmly in both hands and yanking M_Brolli's head down and knee'd M_Brolli square in the forehead, splitting M_Brolli's forehead wide open and sending M_Brolli in a back flip landing face down on the ground. M_Brolli slowly stood up wiping the blood gushing from his forehead out of his eyes.

M_Brolli: That's more like it. But that is your only freebie.

Brolli: Bring it on, monkey boy...

M_Brolli: Your dead!

M_Brolli charged up with the intent of holding nothing back now. Brolli followed suite and did the same. Both Brolli and M_Brolli jumped into the air and flew at each other as fast as their saiyan bodies would allow. They impacted each other with such force the shock wave leveled every tree and structure within few, nothing was still standing, it was as if a bomb had laid waste to this imaginable land. They each threw a volley f blurred punches and kicks until finally M_Brolli landed a punch dead on Brolli's jaw spinning him 180 degrees in the air. M_Brolli then landed a double axe handle blow on top of Brolli's head sending him plummeting to the ground. Just before impact with the ground Brolli's body blurred out of sight, M_Brolli looked around wildly searching for Brolli, but could find him anywhere. Then M_Brolli's scouter went off beeping wildly telling him there was a rising energy signature above him. As he turned his gaze above him and to his read he was hit head on with Dodonpa blast that seared the flesh on M_Brolli's exposed skin, he threw his arms up and crossed them in front of his face to protect his eyes. Once the blast ended M_Brolli lowered his arms and returned his gaze to where the attack had originated from to see nothing but open skies.

Brolli: Looking for me?

Brolli had taken the opportunity to get behind M_Brolli once again and this time risked nothing, as M_Brolli screamed as he drew back to punch Brolli, Brolli fired the Dodonpa attack he had at the ready behind his back. The attack went in M_Brolli's mouth and blew a gapping hole straight through M_Brolli's cranium. The saiyan fell lifelessly to the ground with a thud and a bounce. Brolli flew down and softly landed a few feet away from M_Brolli. Suddenly M_Brolli slowly rose back to his feet and stared at Brolli, the gapping hole still all the way through the imposter's head. With a fluid like motion all the damage that M_Brolli had accumulated dissappeared, like water washing away a dirt film on a sheet of glass.

Brolli: What in the hell?

M_Brolli: You cant kill me..........

Out of nowhere a deafening beeping started.
Brolli awoke from his meditation. The beeping was the saiyan space ship alerting him that his was approaching the Planet Frieza space zone. Brolli turned off the alarm and looked at the radar to see if any patrol ships was in their path to Planet Frieza, nothing on the radar.

Brolli: Borgas, Brocco! Wake up, we're here.

WC: 2,601
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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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PostSubject: Re: Personal Saga - Brolli - 6/5   Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:21 am

Brolli: When we hit the planets atmosphere I want both of you to switch to manual controls and follow my approach vector. Were going to bail out of our ships just before they impact the ground and destroy whats left of them.

Brocco & Borgas: What!?

Brocco: But how....

Brolli cut him off.

Brolli: We dont want anyone to know we are here. Were going to make our landing look like a small meteor shower.

Borgas: Yes sir.

Brocco: Hooah.

The Saiyans held a tight formation as the entered the planets atmosphere, once they reached 1000 ft elevation they all simultaneously opened the hatches to their saiyan space pods and jumped out. Brolli immediately launched a Energy Dan attack at the 3 saiyan space ships blowing each of them into a million tiny pieces just before they impacted the ground leaving no evidence of what they once were. The trio of saiyans then flew down to a very small forested area.

Brocco: Brolli, I saw a small group of structures just on the other side of that hill to our left. Wanna start there?

Brolli: I saw that too, most likely dwellings, maybe of some family members of the alien scum recruited by Lord Frost. Let's go find out.

Borgas: Hooah.

Brocco: Hooah.

Brolli led the group up through the small forest and around the hill to where they were in a direct line of sight with the small "village".

Brolli: Alright, there are small alien children playing in the field to the left, I will gather them up and bring them to the dwelling closest to the field. Brocco you will raid that dwelling, if anyone is inside then keep them there, you will guard the aliens until we have all of them rounded up. Borgas you will bring all of the other aliens from the other dwellings to the one that Brocco is standing guard over. Kill no one, we need intelligence.

Borgas: Hooah.

Brocco: No problem, looks like its just women and children here.

Borgas and Brocco proceeded towards the village to carry out Brolli's order and wait on him to bring the children to join the rest of the alien scum. Brolli ran up the hill and entered the field where the children were playing, the largest of them stood a mere four foot tall and perhaps 250 pounds. There was 12 in all, composed of all sorts of colors and sizes. The Saiyan used his speed and flight ability to handle them easily. He flew around above the children swooping down and grasping 2 with each hand and flying to the village and throwing them into the dwelling that Brocco stood guard over. Then he returned to the field for the next four children and back to the dwelling. Once more he did the same grabbing up the last four children from the field. By this time Borgas had gathered all the aliens from all the dwellings in the village. Brolli walked into the dwelling with the last four children and threw them against the back wall harshly.

Brolli: Head count?

Brocco: 27

Brolli: Good, we will get something out of someone here. You two stay in this main room, I'm going upstairs and will call one of you to bring one of these scum bags up at a time.

Brocco: Understood.

Borgas: Understood.

Brolli looked around carefully at each of the 27 hostages. Finally he saw what he was looking for, two young males perhaps 14-16 years old. He yanked both aliens up and threw one towards Borgas.

Brolli: That one will be next.

Brolli continued on his way up the stairs dragging the adolescent alien kicking and screaming behind him. At the top of the stairs was nothing but one door, inside was some kind of vegetation piled onto the floor, used as a bed most likely, and opposite the makeshift bed was a small table and chair next to a window. Brolli shoved the alien teen down into the chair and leaned against the table himself. Brolli evilly glared at the alien teen and reached underneath his armor in the small of his back and pulled out his favorite survival knife made of the valorak beast bone. The alien teen showed no emotion, he just looked into Brolli's eyes as if he knew what his fate was.

Brolli: I'm going to ask nicely one time, then im going to skin you alive and force feed your skin to your mother.

Alien Teen 1: Leave my family alone.

Brolli: You got it, just answer my questions or you will have to watch everyone of them die. Understand?

Alien Teen 1: Your a piece of monkey shit, you know that?

Brolli reached out and ripped the aliens shirt off then with the survival knife in his right hand slashed across the alien teens chest. The alien screamed out in pain and realized if he didn't tell the saiyans what they wanted to know then everyone in the village would die.

Alien Teen 1: OK! OK! What do you want?

Brolli: I want the exact locations of all the training bases that Lord Frost has built to train his armies.

Alien Teen 1: There are 3 but I only know the locations of 2 of them. One is about 35 miles northeast of here in between 2 mountains with a river flowing across the base of both mountains. The other is roughly 150 miles west of here inside Lord Frost's palace. I know nothing else I swear. They told me I wasn't old enough or strong enough to start training yet! PLEASE LEAVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS BE, WE HAVE DONE NOTHING TO YOU!!!

Brolli: You have done nothing but participate in a conspiracy again the Saiyan Empire and it's crown! If your information is true we will see about the women keeping their lives here today.

Alien Teen 1: You bastard!

The alien teen jumped up from the chair and took a pathetic swing at Brolli. Brolli stood there amused with the child. When the alien teen fist connected with the saiyan's jaw you could hear ever bone in the aliens wrist shatter.

Alien Teen 1: MY HAND!!!!

Brolli: If thats all sit down in the chair before my patience is gone.

The alien complied with Brolli's demands even though you could tell how disgusted the alien teen was at himself as well as the situation.

Brolli: Brocco, get up here, bring that other blue turd up here when you come.

After a few moments the door swung open and the other teen alien stepped through followed by Brocco.

Brolli: Whats your names boys!?

Alien Teen 1: Leznog

Alien Teen 2: Prodatrik

Brolli: Leznog, vacate that chair and come here. Prodatrik get in the chair and stay quite for now.

Prodatrik did as told, he knew that if he didn't then he would surely die a painful death. Leznog slowly stood from the chair and approached Brolli cautiously. He come to a stop beside the make shift bed opposite the room from the chair and window. Without warning Brolli side kicked the alien teens knee as hard as he could breaking it instantly and tearing every ligament and tendon in his leg. The alien hit the floor screaming in pain, Brolli then raised his leg as high as he could and delivered as powerful a kick to the boys groin as possible. The boy screamed a inaudible scream and passed out from shear pain. Brolli turned to the new alien teen, Prodatrik.

Brolli: If you dont want the same to happen to you then I suggest you tell us what we want to know.

Prodatrik: Y-y-y-y-y-yes sir.

Brolli: I want the exact locations of all the training bases that Lord Frost has built to train his armies.

Prodatrik: There are 3 bases I have been to 2 of them. One is in Lord Frost's palace about 150 miles west of here, that is where he trains the strongest of the recruits. The other is just over 30 miles to the northeast of here. I've heard rumors of the 3rd base being underground somewhere but that is all I have heard!

Brolli: Good. Lets go back downstairs so you can be with your family, eh?

Brocco opened the door and watched the boy run down the stairs back to his mother. Brolli knelt down next to the unconscious alien teen Leznog and pulled out his treasured survival knife. He commenced disemboweling the alien boy.

Brocco: .....Brolli, uh, brother, what are you doing?

Brolli: Shut your trap Brocco, they would have done the same to us if they ever get their way and make us slaves.

Brocco: They're women and children!

Brolli: They're witnesses that 3 saiyans came here wanting to know about Frost's training bases. I want you to go see if the brats were telling the truth. You go to Frost's palace and see if there is a training camp there. Do not engage. Fly high in the sky and use the darkness to hide yourself. It's getting dark outside, I want you back in 90 minutes. Hooah!?

Brocco: Hooah.

Brocco opened the window and flew out up into the sky towards the location the boy described. Brolli had finished disemboweling the alien boy and now started to skin the corpse. When he finished skinning the alien teen he wrapped the entrails with the blue skin from the alien, grabbed the bloody ankle of the alien teen and returned downstairs. The other 26 aliens screamed in horror when they saw what had become of Leznog. Brolli slung the entrails on the alien women and children and tossed the skinless corpse amongst them.

Borgas: What the hell did he do, steal your candy bar?

Brolli: Hey! That was my last KitKat bar! Hahahahahaha!

Borgas looks at Brolli with a uneasiness. He was noticing that Brolli was starting to enjoy things of this nature. He knew Brolli had alot of rage inside him but didn't think that it would ever go this far. Brolli sensed Borgas's uneasiness and turned to him.

Brolli: Borgas, just imagine what would become of the saiyan women and children if Frost's plan succeeded. This is a black ops, we leave no trace of a saiyan ever being here. Once we're done here the Star Wolves from Cactaylisma will more than likely get the blame. Now what I need you to do is fly northeast about 30 or 35 miles and look for 2 mountains with a river flowing at the base of them, there should be a training base in between the mountains. Fly high in the night sky to hide yourself, I want you back here no longer than 90 minutes from now. Do not engage anyone! If you should encounter trouble then contact me through your scouter.

Borgas: Yes sir!

Borgas turned and ran out the door of the dwelling and took off into the night sky. Brolli turned back to the aliens with such a demonic smile across his face that the smallest alien children pissed on themselves. He pulled out his survival knife and started towards the closest alien.

Brolli: Now to take care of the lose ends here.

WC: 4,474
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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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PostSubject: Re: Personal Saga - Brolli - 6/5   Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:23 pm

The aliens all screamed for mercy and begged to be spared. They promised not to tell a single being who had done this but Brolli was not stupid. He knew in order to insure that his team remained undiscovered once the mission had been completed that we would have to take care of all witnesses. In fact he enjoyed the unique executions a little too much. He decapitated all the remaining women and children and piled their heads up in the middle of the street going through the tiny village. Then he burnt down each dwelling lighting up the night sky as if it was a homing beacon for Brocco and Borgas to return by. The air filled with the stench of burning flesh and intestines, such a foul odor that the planet wildlife could be seen running away from the horrific event unfolding. Brolli sat comfortably against a stone roasting a piece of meat and the end of his survival knife when Borgas returned.

Borgas: It's there just as you said.

Brolli: Perfect. We wait on Brocco to return, then we move out.

Borgas: What ya eating there boss?

Brolli: Tenderloin. Want some? There is plenty, even for your appetite.

Borgas: Where did you get tenderloin out here? And what is that disgusting smell?

Brolli: The aliens.

Borgas: Huh? The smell or the meat?

Brolli: Both.

Borgas: Fuck it, I am starving! Give me some!

Brolli: Here, this is the best, it came from the youngest child.

Brolli and Borgas ate all the meat but what they had set aside for Brocco. Brocco arrived shortly after and savagely ate the meat the other saiyans had left for him. The smell had faded away along with the fire from the burning dwellings which were now nothing but smoldering ashes.

Brolli: Well Brocco, what did you find out about Lord Frost's palace?

Brocco: The palace is heavily guarded. The training base is located inside the palace walls and the alien recruit barracks are outside the walls about 2 miles away next to a small stream.

Brolli: Great work both of you. We will attack the base that Borgas surveyed first, then we will raid the palace. We still have to try to gather intel and find out where the 3rd and final base is.

Borgas: When do we move out?

Brolli: Now. We are not here on vacation. I dont know about you but i hate this planet. I am ready to return to our king and enjoy the spoils of our impending victory here.

Brocco: Agreed.

Borgas: Hooah!

The 3 saiyans took off towards the training base to the northeast, after a few minutes of face paced travel through the cold night air Borgas motioned that the base was up ahead. Brolli saw the two mountains that the alien teen had told him about with the river running at the base of the mountains. It was truly perfect timing as it looked like everyone was asleep except for one patrolling guard.

Brolli: Borgas, you take up position near the top of the mountain on the left overlooking the base. Brocco, you take up position mid-ways up the mountain on the right. You two are to report any movements or changes in and around the base while I go in. Understand?

Borgas: Got ya boss.

Brocco: You got it.

The three saiyans split apart. Borgas to the mountain on the left, Brocco to the mountain on the right, and Brolli landed at the base of the mountain on the left. Brolli made his way around the base of the mountain on foot and came up behind the first building.

Brolli: Brocco, where is the sentry guard?

Brocco: He is standing on the other side of the building your behind facing towards the middle of the base.

Brolli crept around the building, with his knife at the ready. The guard was indeed looking away from Brolli muttering under his breathe about having the night sentry shift. Brolli moved in for the easy kill. Brolli simultaneously reached around the guard with his left hand covering his mouth and taking his knife in his right hand and stabbing each side of the green aliens chest twice. The knife pierced the aliens lungs and his suffocated without making a sound as Brolli dragged the body to the river and slid it into the water.

Brocco: Your clear to enter whichever building you want, there is no one else walking about, but stay alert Brolli. There is a two story building with a balcony on the second floor, I bet thats where the captain's quarters are.

Brolli silently and quickly made his way along the back of the buildings towards the two story building Brocco was directing him to. Brocco watching his every move as well as keeping watch over the rest of the training base for any movement or changes. Borgas kept watch over the surrounding area for anyone who might approach the training base and catch Brolli and Brocco by surprise. Brolli wanted to remain in the shadows as much as possible so instead of using the front door he stayed on the backside of the building and in one powerful leap, jumped to the roof of the building and made his way towards the front of the building. Then he gently lowered himself to the balcony off to one side of the open doors, inside was much fancier than the typical barracks, this had to be the captain's quarters. He slightly eased his head into the doorway enough to get a glimpse to see if anyone was awake and the layout inside. There was a bed on the far left wall with someone sleeping heavily in it snoring loudly every couple seconds. To the right was a desk with a wrist pc and a small cylinder containing disk. Next to the desk stood a rack with armor and clothing hanging on it. This was the captains quarters alright, the proof was in the symbol on the left breast of the armor. Brolli knew he had to get that cylinder with the disk in it, who knew what kind of information it contained. Brolli stepped into the captain's quarters and made his way slowly over to the desk where the cylinder of disk sat. When he picked up the cylinder to stuff it under his armor for ease of transport, the wrist pc rolled off the desk and turned on.

Wrist PC: Hello Captain Hokelar.

Brolli grimaced at the sound but instinctively drew his knife and turned towards the captain in his bed.

Captain Hokelar: You! Sto...

Brolli's hit it's mark from across the room from where Brolli had thrown it. He had buried it to the hilt in the captain's forehead. Brolli heard guards rushing up the stairs but Brolli wasn't through going through the room so he slide across the floor and grabbed his knife, still in the captains head, he pulled it towards him turning the captains head away from the door. The guards opened the door quickly but quietly, Brolli imitated the captains snores and muttered to play it off like the captain was having a dream. The guards took the bait and dismissed the captain's yell for him having a dream, so they exited the room just as quietly as the had entered. Brolli retrieved his knife from the captains forehead and got up from the floor beside the bed. He went over to the dresser and started going through the drawers tossing the clothing out onto the floor looking for anything hidden that be of value to the intel seeking siayans. There was nothing there in any of the drawers, so he made his way over to the closest and started going through the pockets of all the clothing inside. Nothing. Next into the bathing room opening drawers and searching the contents, still nothing, as he turned around to leave he noticed the mirror hanging on the wall was ever so slightly tilted to one side. So Brolli grabbed the sides of the mirror and lifted up, it came off the wall as a picture would and behind it was a safe. Brolli knew he could open it with ease but not without making a lot of noise.

Brolli: Brocco. I have a problem. I need to open a wall safe without making any noise, it is a combination lock with a plastic spin dial. What do you suggest, there are at least five guards downstairs and I am not ready to start an uproar quite yet.

Brocco: If the spinning dial is plastic place your palm over it firmly and create a tiny ball of ki. It should melt and expose the internal gears within seconds.

Brolli did as Brocco said, he placed his palm over the black dial and created a tiny ball of ki in his palm, the door became red hot and brolli had to let go. The spinning dial did not melt but Brolli had an idea, he grasped the dial and pulled strongly. The dial simply slid out of the door due to the metal getting so hot and expanding. The gears were exposed just as Brocco said they would be and Brolli was able to align the gears to unlock the safe door. Inside the safe was the blueprints to a extravagant underground military style base. The blueprints were very detailed, right down to where the wiring and light switches were. But it still did not say where it was located. As Brolli turned away to leave the captains quarters a shimmer of light caught his attention from inside the safe, there was one more disk in the very back. Brolli inserted it into his wrist PC for a lack a having anywhere else to stick it and glanced at the contents since it was already loaded. It was a complete 3D holographic image of the underground military base and the structure above it. The secret base was under Lord Frost's palace. Finally he knew where the last base was. All that was left here was to destroy this training base completely, enough intel was gathered from the site, he knew the rest of his intel would need to come from inside Lord Frost's Palace and more than likely Frost's personnel study or living quarters.

Brolli: I got what we needed, commence ASE (alien soldier eradication), Borgas give aerial support and keep us updated on the surrounding terrain in case someone wants to join the party with a party invitation.

Brocco: Hooah!

Borgas: Finally!

Brolli now threw caution out the window, he had what he needed and now it was time to kill every, single, last alien soldier at this base and destroy the base. He walked to the door that led downstairs to the guards who had almost spoiled everything earlier. As much as he loved his survival knife, he knew with the numbers game being somewhere around 500:1 that he would need his hardened battle axe for this party. As Brolli turned the corner halfway down the staircase and he reached behind him to unsheathe his glorious battle axe. The guards were at the bottom of the stairs were sitting at a table playing some kind of card game, Brolli's movement down the staircase caught one of the guards attention.

Guard: What the hell! Get him!

Brolli couldn't help but to smirk at the pathetic aliens, the twelve of them had a combined power level of 512. This would be easier than anticipated. As the first guard threw a Ki Blast attack at Brolli, Brolli effortlessly countered with a Dodonpa that completely vaporized 5 of the guards. The Other 7 stopped for just a moment, staring in shock. Brolli swung his axe swiftly and precisely, decapitating 3 more guards, the other 4 remaining guards all rushed Brolli attempting to disarm him. Amused at the feeble efforts of the aliens, Brolli played possum and allowed one guard to rip the battle axe from Brolli's grasp. Three guards attempted holding Brolli still while the fourth raised the battle axe directly over his head with the intention of burying the curved edge into the top of Brolli's head. When the battle axe wielded by the guard started into motion towards Brolli's head, Brolli waiting to the last possible second and then jerked his body to the left stopping where the axe would split one of the guards head that was "restraining" Brolli, now down to three guards left Brolli, grabbed the other two guards attempting to hold him and slung them through the wall of the building out into the street outside. Before the axe wielding guard had a chance to react, Brolli grabbed the handle of the axe and over powered the weakling guard forcing the axe into the guards chest so deep that one of the guards lungs was partially hanging out of his back. The guard instantly fell to the ground dead. Brolli then turned his attention to the two guards getting up off the ground outside in the street. They were both screaming as loudly as they could to wake up the other guards on base. Brolli was merely playing with them now. As one ran down the street screaming, Brolli reached down and picked up a fruit sized rock off the ground. Brolli threw the rock with so much force that you couldn't even see a blur traveling through the air, you couldn't see anything but the back of the fleeing guards head pop like a egg in a pressure chamber. The last guard fell to his knees begging Brolli to spar his life.

Guard: Please, I'll do anything you want, just dont kill me!

Brolli: Alright, stand up, I could use you.

The guard stood thanking Brolli right up until Brolli dropped his battle axe and grabbed the guards head with both hand and started squeezing slowly. The aliens eyes were slowly starting to pop out of his head. Then an explosion erupted on Brolli's back, the rest of the base was awake and joining in on the fight now. Brolli started laughing uncontrollably and emerged from the smoke that had engulfed him from the ki attack, he tossed the alien with the squashed skull to the ground and raised his battle axe as he assumed his fighting stance.

Brolli: Well lets get as much sport from this as we can. Where is your strongest soldier?

A huge alien over 11 ft tall with orange hair and grey skin stepped forth from the ranks. Brolli was curious so he hit his scouter to see exactly how powerful this overgrown toad was. His scouter read PL: 664. Brolli sheathed his axe and placed one hand behind his back and motioned for the alien to start whenever ready. The huge alien rushed Brolli, when the alien took a swing at him. The punch hit nothing but air, Brolli then tapped the alien on its shoulder. He had used his superior speed to completely make the alien look like an ass. The alien turned and was looking eye to eye with Brolli who was floating roughly 4 ft off the ground.

Brolli: Is that honestly your best? If it is then your quite fucked home boy.

Alien: WHAT!? I'll show you!

The alien powered up and Brolli's scouter automatically started scanning the rising power level of the humongous alien. 664...698...712...729...742...755...761...767...780...791...802...811...812...813...814. The scouter beeped indicating the rise in the aliens power level stopped at 814.

Brolli: This is a joke and now I am bored.

Brolli flew into the sky and powered up himself, he took his power level to his maximum (1,664). Then Borgas and Brocco joined him and did the same. Borgas had raised his pl to 1,167 and Brocco raised his to 1,032. The trio of saiyans then in unison unleashed a combined Energy Dan at the center of the training base. The explosion was so immense that the water in the river was actually blown out of the river bed and every building was completely obliterated. Nothing remained of the base, it now looked like a rock quarry. Brolli lowered his power level and hit the button on the side of his scouter to search for any alien that may have miraculously survived the cataclysmic explosion. "Zero Lifeforms Detected" it read.

Brolli: Now we head southwest roughly 180 miles to take care of the barracks located outside Frost's palace.

Borgas: Hooah!

Brocco: Lets finish this and get back home.

Brolli: I found the intel we needed for the location of the third base. I'll give you the details in route to the barracks and we will formulate a plan also.

Borgas: Yes sir.

Brocco: Yes sir.

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The 3 saiyans flew full speed southwest towards Lord Frost's palace. Brolli had been trying to figure out how they could manage to infiltrate Lord Frost's palace then he came up with it. It was not fool proof, but it was the best they could hope for.

Brolli: Alright here is our game plan. The last military base is actually a secret training facility thats been built deep underground. It is located underneath Lord Frost's palace, but the only way in is gonna be through the palace itself. I will infiltrate the sub-terrain base by myself. I will need a distraction to gain entrance into the palace in order to remain undetected even though everyone in the palace will know about you two and be coming after you. I will only need seven minutes to fly in and get to where the sub-terrain base entrance is. I want you two to await my signal outside the barracks. It will be dawn by the time we initiate the attack so all the soldiers will already be awake and either eating or in their mourning formations. Brocco, you will sneak up to the chow hall and plant a bomb somewhere on the structure if they are eating. If they are in their formations then just await my signal for a full scale attack. It should only take a few moments for reinforcements to be sent from the palace clearing me an easier path to get inside the palace and sub-terrain. However before I go sub-terrain I will launch a Moon Blast into the sky to make combat more manageable for the two of you seeing as how you will probably have between 1,000-2,000 alien soldiers to deal with. The Palace guards will not leave the palace. Once both of you have transformed into your Oozarau forms it will be up to you to completely destroy the barracks, the training base in the palace on ground level, and all the alien soldiers. I will handle everything sub-terrain. Once I complete my mission sub-terrain, I will return to the surface and destroy the Moon Blast returning both of you back to your saiyan forms. Then we will steal a ship from the palace and travel to the Saiyan Empire space territory docking with the first space station we come to. We will then get a ride home to Planet Vegeta from the space station while we program the auto pilot of the stolen ship to head straight for Cactaylisma space zone. Then all of this should be blamed on the Star Wolves. Any questions?

Brocco: Hooah! I have enough explosives on me to completely level the barracks next to the stream as well as the chow hall and any other structure in between the stream and the palace gates.

Borgas: Got it boss, hey Brocco, first one to 1,000 kills wins!

Brocco: Your on!

When the trio of saiyans came up on the barracks next to the stream they went down to the ground. You could hear everyone in the chow hall even though there was a few stragglers still making their way to the chow hall. Brocco gave a nod to Brolli and took off using large boulders to hide his approach to the barracks/ chow hall. The chow hall had a back door and a supply closet next to it. Brocco pulled out a strip of puddy that was wafer thing one inch wide, and eight inches long, he placed in the back wall in the supply closet and attached a signal receiver that was no bigger than a tiny bug to the puddy strip. He hit a sequence of keys on his wrist pc and the receiver beeped one time, signalling that it was armed. Brocco then moved a box of dish soap in front of the explosive and exited the closet and made his way back to where Brolli and Borgas waited.

Brocco: Armed and ready.

Brolli: Excellent. Now lets make our way to the palace.

Borgas: Fun time is almost here!

Brolli: Stay focused Borgas.

Borgas: Yes sir, apologies.

The saiyans took off through the flat terrain littered with boulders of all sizes, towards the palace. There was 6 guards at the main entrance to the palace. Brolli motioned for Brocco and Borgas to stay hidden until he got into position. Brolli sneaked through the boulder field beside the palace and made his way to the back half of the side palace wall. This is where the front of the palace should be and his best entrance point.

Brolli: Green light Brocco.

There was a deafening explosion that shook the ground so violently that every window in the palace shattered and the palace walls cracked under the stress. The chow hall/ barracks had been completely erased from this dimension, nothing remained but a hole several hundred feet deep. The plan worked every alien recruit spilled out of the main palace gates. Brocco and Borgas then jumped out from hiding and engaged the aliens, all attention was at the front gate, several hundred yards away from Brolli. Brolli flew to the top of the palace wall and looked around before going further. The palace had two guards at the front entrance the rest had made their way towards the front gate but remained inside the palace walls. Brolli pulled his hardened battle axe out and wielded it in his right hand while he held his survival knife in his left. He jumped off the palace wall and landed atop the two guards at the entrance to the palace, survival knife through the skull of one guard and battle axe buried deep into the face of the other guard. Neither guard made a sound other than falling to the ground. Brolli sheathed both weapons and grabbed the bodies by the ankles and slung them over the palace wall, out of sight from anyone. Brolli stopped just inside the doorway and turned facing the palace gate, then he created a Moon Blast in his right hand and launched it high into the sky above the palace gate. He didn't stick around, he did not want to turn Oozarau himself, he turned and ran as fast as he could into the palace interior. Brolli stopped before he entered the grand hallway that had a door that lead to every room on the three above ground levels of the palace. He tapped a few buttons on his wrist pc and pulled the hologram of the palace layout up in front of him. After just a few seconds he saw how get to the entrance of the sub-terrain training base, a hidden door behind a painting of King Cold. Brolli turned the corner and saw the King Cold painting along with 8 palace guards, the guards immediately charged at Brolli. His scouter indicated the strongest at a power level of 1,000. This guard is this one Brolli targeted first, launching a Dodonpa attack at him followed by a Energy Dan. The force of the explosions were causing the upper levels of the palace to collapse, this distracted the already stunned guards and allowed a opening for Brolli to bath in blood a little more. He pulled his trusty survival knife out and ran full speed towards the stunned guards, as he dashed down the hallway huge chunks of the ceiling fell crushing 3 of the guards of the left side of the hallway, Brolli reached out with his blade and slit the throats of three more guards. The guard with the highest power level was just now stumbling back onto his feet, so Brolli pulled his battle axe with his left hand and threw it so much force that it went completely through the guards chest cavity and through the portrait of King Cold behind him. The last of the guards had turned and started fleeing for his life, Brolli laughed at the pathetic excuse for a palace guard and felt obligated to put him out of his misery. He launched another Dondopa attack but not at the guard, he was aiming at the main support beam at the far end of the grand hallway. The column shattered and the entire second and third floors of the palace came crashing down as Brolli jumped through the portrait of King Cold. Brolli's battle axe lay next to him on the floor, he grabbed it and stood up. He was in a large wide stairway going down to the sub-terrain training base . He ran down hundreds and hundreds of steps, he must have been more than a half mile below the surface when the stairs leveled off into a large room. It was the training base primary gathering room. At the far end sat five space ships, three Ambassador Class Yachts and two Odin Class Cruisers. There was no one in sight, so Brolli proceeded with extreme caution, still carrying his battle axe at the ready. In the center of the room was another set of stairs leading down, though much smaller than the first, these were only roughly five foot wide. Brolli pulled up his schematic 3d blueprint of the palace and the sub-terrain training base on his wrist pc once more. It showed the second stairwell going down just one level but to a vault looking room. It said nothing of what was inside. Brolli sheathed his battle axe and switched to his survival knife which was best suited for close quarters combat. Brolli slowly descended down the stairs alert and ready to spill blood of anyone or anything that moved. Before he got to the bottom of the steps he could hear a conversation taking place, he stayed in the stairwell out of sight but eavesdropped on the conversation. He hit two buttons on his wrist pc to start a audio recording.

Voice #1: Frost, I still don't see how these pathetic weakling recruits you have will be able to hold their own against the saiyans monkeys!

Lord Frost: Lord Frieza I assure you that our recruits will be more than powerful enough to handle the saiyan army in a matter of months.

Voice #2: What my son is trying to say Lord Frost, is that you must not under estimate a saiyan. They are a remarkable race when it comes to fighting and taking orders, however their intelligence is less than mediocre.

Frieza: The monkeys are a stupid race, but they live for a good fight and they have shown remarkable determination not to mention when that have a fucking full moon to aid them. They are ten times as powerful when they change into their giant ape form.

King Cold: I still say we need to use the Yaidratians to develop a virus to use for the annihilation of their species.

Lord Frost: Your highness, I promise I can give the results you seek, I just need time to properly prepare and train my recruits.

Frieza: Fine. You have six months. Thats 180 days. On the 181st day from today, we send the "peace offering" to Planet Vegeta. I am going to Yaidrat when I depart from here to oversee the development of the virus.

Lord Frost: Thank you Master Frieza. Before you leave though we need to go over the funds situation.

Frieza: So be it, go on.

Brolli hit the button on his wrist pc to stop the audio recording. This was exactly why he was sent to Planet Frieza. Brolli walked quietly back up the stairs and towards the end of the bay where the five space ships sat. He climbed on board each of the ships one by one, as they were unmanned, probably to insure the security of the meeting downstairs. Brolli activated the self destruct mechanizisms on each ship until he came to the last one, a Odin Class Cruiser. He powered up the ships engines and took off just as the first of the ships self destructed. The bay doors were closed so Brolli lowered the viewing class of the command center of the ship and launched a Dodonpa attack at the bay doors blasting them open and giving him his means of escape. Just as his new ship entered the tunnel leading to the surface the rest of the ships in the ship bay below self destructed. Brolli maneuvered the ship as fast as it would move its big ass through the tunnels until he finally reached the surface. He saw Brocco and Borgas still in Oozarau form laying waste to the entire palace that was already laying in ruins. Brolli immediately launched another Dodonpa attack at the Moon Blast Ball before he himself changed into his Oozarau form. He then raised the viewing glass, lowered the boarding ladder, and maneuvered the ship into position for Brocco and Borgas to jump on board. Once they were on board Brolli have the ship full throttle and plotted a course for the Saiyan Space Station "Fury". The trip to the space station seemed to take forever in Brolli's mind, he would not tell either Brocco or Borgas of the plot that Frieza, Lord Frost, and King Cold had unknowingly revealed to him. As Brolli piloted the craft through the voids of space, Brocco came into the command center of the ship and sat in the co-pilot chair next to Brolli.

Brocco: Brolli, I see you got us a nice ride home but did you complete the mission goals?

Brolli: How dare you question my saiyan pride! I will always put my mission before my life! Of course the mission goals have been completed, but were not home yet. We still have to dock with the Fury and send this ship to the Cactaylisma space zone so the blame for the raid will be placed on the Star Wolves.

Brocco: Forgive me Brolli, I meant no disrespect by what I said, I was merely inquiring about the mission.

Brolli: I'm going to the rejuvenation chamber on board so I will be 100% for my personnel debriefing with King Vegeta. Wake me when we dock with the Fury.

Brocco: Yes sir.

Brolli got up from the captain's chair and proceeded down into the ships belly to the rejuvenation tank on board, He stripped his armor off and placed them in a personal safe along with all of his weapons and items. Then he stepped into the tank and put on the oxygen mask and closed the door. By the time the tank was half full of the synthetic saiyan DNA, Brolli was asleep. He awoke to the Brocco knocking on the glass. Brocco hit the switch to drain the tank and open the door. Brolli took off the oxygen mask and stepped out.

Brocco: We are docked with the Fury and King Vegeta is personally on board waiting to debrief you alone.

Brolli: Good. Program the coordinates into this ships computer for the Cactaylisma space zone and make sure it launchs immediately.

Brocco: Yes sir.

Brolli got dressed and gathered all his items. He then walked out of the ship and into the Fury's docking platform. King Vegeta and his personnel body guards stood waiting.

King Vegeta: Brolli?

Brolli: Yes my king.

King Vegeta:Follow me Soldier.

Brolli followed King Vegeta to a secure conference room and entered behind King Vegeta, his body guards stayed outside the doors as the closed and locked. King Vegeta sat down at the head of a long pearl table, Brolli knew his place and stood at attention.

King Vegeta: The mission was a success?

Brolli: Yes my king, a full success.

King Vegeta: Speak freely soldier, what of the training bases on Planet Frieza?

Brolli: All 3 destroyed my king. 2 on the planet surface, and 1 sub-terrain under Lord Frost's palace.

King Vegeta: And the intel I requested as to why Lord Frost was planning on betraying our treaty?

Brolli: I have a audio recording of Frieza, King Cold, and Lord Frost that explains it with great detail, my king.

King Vegeta: Excellent! Better than excellent! You will be among my Saiyan Super Elite one day, if you can keep completing missions of this level of difficulty. Hand me the audio file so that I may listen to its contents.

Brolli gave King Vegeta the disk with the holographic blueprints of Lord Frost's palace, the sleeve of disk from the captain of the first training base, and the audio disk with the conversation of interest on it. King Vegeta loaded the audio disk into the slot in the edge of the table and the conversation played out. King Vegeta sat not saying a word once the audio disk had ended. He finally looked at Brolli and stood up.

King Vegeta: It looks like you have an assasination mission to carry out now Brolli. Do you accept?

Brolli: YES MY KING!

King Vegeta: Good, I wish I had more soldiers of your caliber. Your mission is to travel to Yaidrat and assassinate the Yaidratian scientist in charge of developing the virus and destroy all research and materials that has anything to do with the virus.

Brolli: YES MY KING!

King Vegeta: Oh and one more thing Brolli. I would prefer you to come back from this alive, your going to have a special place in my army if you do.

Brolli: YES MY KING!

King Vegeta: Dismissed.

Brolli spun around and exited the debriefing room, heading to the landing pad to get in another ship and head for Yaidrat.


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Personal Saga - Brolli - 6/5
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