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 The Tough Ring pt. 1 - medium quest

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PostSubject: The Tough Ring pt. 1 - medium quest   Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:18 pm

The Tough Ring Part 1

Difficulty: Medium

So you've come to Maverick's gallery seeking his rare and exquisite items and your attention has come to the legendary Tough Ring. Maverick's butler tells you that to earn the tough ring you must prove your strength. Maverick sends you to the planet's moon where you must face down a beast called the Roog. The beast is as tall as a mountain and it has a special ability--it absorbs ki energy. To defeat the Roog you will have to do it with your bare hands, and it is no easy task. Bring back the Roog's Claw as proof.

Reward: +$600, +20 EX, +5 DP, +50 all stats, +5 Rp Credits
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The Tough Ring pt. 1 - medium quest
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