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 Grim Reaper Quest - Medium Quest

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Grim Reaper Quest - Medium Quest Empty
PostSubject: Grim Reaper Quest - Medium Quest   Grim Reaper Quest - Medium Quest EmptyThu Jun 09, 2011 7:04 pm

Grim Reaper Quest

Medium Quest

Location: Anywhere

Requirements: 125,000 PL, 1,250 Determination

A portal appears in front of you and sucks you into the darkest most twisted realm of the universe. Escape and survive.

Rewards: $5,000, +500 EX, 10 RP, 15 DP, 30 SP, +10,000 all stats (pl +50,000, ki +30,750), and Grim Reaper ability.
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Grim Reaper Quest - Medium Quest
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