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 Lucifer's Pain Quest - hard quest

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Lucifer's Pain Quest - hard quest Empty
PostSubject: Lucifer's Pain Quest - hard quest   Lucifer's Pain Quest - hard quest EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 1:38 am

Lucifer's Pain Quest

Hard Quest

Requirement: Must be Chaotic Evil and have a PL of 500,000. Cannot train, spar, battle, or do other quest. This takes 1 week and will indicate so on your Character's status.

Each character may only do this quest once.

Lucifer will gladly awaken your most evil spirit inside if you sign a contract giving him possession of your soul. He will probe your mind and cause you to severely hallucinate about your strongest rivals. You must fight and defeat these hallucinations.

Reward: +$3,000, +500 EX, +15 DP, +15 Rp Credits, PL +60%, Ki +40%, all other stats +25%, all traits +25%.
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Lucifer's Pain Quest - hard quest
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