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 Search for King Yemma's Fruit - King Vegeta

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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

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Search for King Yemma's Fruit - King Vegeta Empty
PostSubject: Search for King Yemma's Fruit - King Vegeta   Search for King Yemma's Fruit - King Vegeta EmptyMon Jun 27, 2011 2:13 am

King Vegeta

Search for King Yemma's Fruit

Easy Quest

Requirement: Must be dead.

Congratulations, you are dead. While you wait until your number is called to be judged by King Yemma, search out his legendary fruit.

Reward:+$1,800, +150 EX, +15 DP, +1,500 all stats, +5 Rp Credits, 1 Yemma Fruit

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King Vegeta

King Vegeta

Posts : 34
Join date : 2011-06-03

Search for King Yemma's Fruit - King Vegeta Empty
PostSubject: Re: Search for King Yemma's Fruit - King Vegeta   Search for King Yemma's Fruit - King Vegeta EmptyTue Jun 28, 2011 6:59 am

King Vegeta awoke after the brief battle with Garlic Jr at the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament. He looked around and saw a palace in the clouds, the sky was golden in color. There was a line of tiny little soul clouds going into the palace, and about halfway of the line was a strange looking creature with two horns sticking up from his head. He wore glasses and his skin was blue in color. King Vegeta wanted answers to where he was and why he was there. He stepped on the tiny souls in front of him, marching strait towards the blue creature.

King Vegeta: You there! Where am I? I demand answers this instant!

Yemma's Assistant: Sir, please don't step on the people's souls. You are dead and once you make it to the front of the line, King Yemma will judge you and send you to either Heaven, Fairfield, or Hell based on your life's choices. Please wait your turn in line and King
Yemma will get to you when its your turn.

King Vegeta: How dare you! I am the King of all saiyans and no one talks to me in that manner!

Yemma's Assistant: I don't give a rip who you were before! Get in line! I have to go get King Yemma's fruit out of the kitchen, he is feeling weak and needs his strength restored immediately.

King Vegeta: This fruit you speak of restores ones energy to full?

Yemma's Assistant: If you will get in line I will tell you. The fruit will restore King Yemma to his full power with just one peice. Anyone else you eats the fruit gets a severe stat increase, but no one is allowed to eat it except King Yemma so don't get any ideas.

King Vegeta: But of course. I merely was inquiring about it. You mentioned a kitchen. A saiyan's appetite is immense after battle, even in death as it seems. Could you point me in the direction of the food?

Yemma's Assistant: You will have to ask King Yemma if you may dine here before you are sent to your destination. Just so you know though, it is the last building on the left as you enter the palace gates.

King Vegeta: Thank you. You have been more than helpfull, and now I have one more question for you. What happens to you if you die when your already here?

Yemma's Assistant: You are already dead sir, so you cannot die again while here. Me however was born here in other world so I would awake at the end of the line of souls awaiting King Yemma's judgement. No please get in line sir...

King Vegeta smirked, knowing he had just gotten all the information he needed. He raised his right hand, palm flattened and facing King Yemma's assistant and unleashed a small energy blast piercing the creatures chest killing him instantly. King Vegeta then turned his head to King Yemma's palace gate and took off walking towards it. Along his path he made an extra attempt to squish every soul in his path. As he entered the palace gate he took in his surroundings. There was three small buildings on either side of the "street" with a large building which seemed to be King Yemma's pathetic palace itself. King Vegeta stepped on every soul in between him and the kitchen, which was the last building on the left, and approached the doorway.

He walked right in and looked around for this King Yemma's Fruit that the blue creature had mentioned earlier. There was nothing that King Vegeta immediately saw that resembled any kind of fruit he had ever seen during his travels. A cook noticed King Vegeta and turned towards him, staring.

Cook: May I help you sir?

King Vegeta: Yes, King Yemma sent me to get his fruit. He wants it immediately.

Cook: Ok, you must be the new guy, my name is Kresitanent.

King Vegeta: Marsolas.

Cook: Welcome Marsolas, King Yemma's fruit is in the cabinet above the sink to your left. He only has one left, I will have to send someone out to the orchard to pick some more for him to eat tomorrow.

King Vegeta: Of course. I must be getting it to King Yemma quickly though.

King Vegeta turned to the cabinet above the sink and took the last of King Yemma's fruit. He then turned and exited the kitchen and went inside King Yemma's palace to demand his life to be restored. When he turned the corner at the entrance of the palace, he stopped and starred up in shock, if only for a moment. King Yemma was as large as a saiyan in oozarau form. King Vegeta gathered himself quickly and approached King Yemma's desk, eating the fruit as he walked. He felt the power from the fruit surge into every cell that made up each part of his body.

King Yemma: So, King Vegeta, we meet at last.

King Vegeta: My reputation proceeds me I see.

King Yemma: As I see that you found my fruit. That is forbidden for all others aside from me to eat.

King Vegeta: I am king of all saiyans and will take orders from no one. I am here to demand you to return me to the realm of the living. If you refuse, I will kill you where you sit.

King Yemma: Mighty big words for such a weak creature.

King Vegeta: WEAK!!!? I will show you who is weak!

King Yemma: Give me a break Vegeta Sr., says here you died from a single blow by Garlic Jr. and he was much weaker than you at the time.

King Vegeta: That was pure luck, and I swear he will pay for this outrage! I will make it my mission in life...

King Yemma: Enough! I banish you to Hell. Find Goz and Mez and they will fill you in on the training options of Hell. Goodbye.

With that King Yemma slammed a gavel down on his desktop and the ground underneath King Vegeta opened up revealing a endless tunnel to the depths of Hell filled with the upper torsos or tortured souls. Each of the tortured souls grabbed King Vegeta and drug him down the tunnel and into Hell.

King Vegeta: AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WC: 1,060
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Search for King Yemma's Fruit - King Vegeta
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